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Used Subaru WRX Club Spec Evo3 GC8

Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller
:An immaculate example of a rare GC8 Clubspec Evo3
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Seller Description

Selling my Club Spec Evo3. Only 150 were ever made making it one of the rarest non sti gc8.What sets this apart from the rest is it was owned by a 74yo elderly woman since 2003.It has full service history with only 181,xxx ks. In the last four years, the car has only travelled less than 5,000ks. It’s had an easy life! I don’t think it’s even seen 4,000 rpm 🤔
The car is stock apart from a blow off valve and catback Remus exhaust (very quiet) and yes, the blow off valve was already there when I purchased from the elderly woman рџ™‚. Comes with original club spec car mats and stock stereo!
The paint job is immaculate for a 22 yo car. Car has no dents, only minor paint chips for a car it’s age.
New DBA front vented rotors, brake pads front and rear were replaced this week.

Clutch and brake fluids were also replaced. Car was ceramic coated a couple of weeks ago.
I have only driven the car to get work done (service, brake, ceramic coating etc). Rest of the time, it’s stored away in another property we own. Car was just serviced this week at Eblens Subaru ($285).
Pics speak for itself - an absolute must to add to a collection.
Selling as I’m wanting to buy another car and I have too many. Car is being re-listed as it did not reach reserve previously. I have now removed the reserve!!!
No reserve - highest bidder wins!
Happy to have a chat and also provide ore info. Happy to assist with interstate buyers.

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Item Information

Item ID: 207564
Car location: Parafield Gardens, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 24.03.2021
Views: 431
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Subaru WRX Club Spec Evo3 GC8
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