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Gs 750 1976 with gsxr 750 engine fittedLowered seat railsFat Bob tankSleek Bob rear guardSlab yolksTax and mot exemptBloody quick and handles well
Second bike-GSX 750w inazuma cafe racer/ street fighter projectRuns and rides
Third bike- on rampGSX 600 f engine fitted into worm burner frameMany new partsStainless slash cut pipes (never fitted)About 90% finished
Unfortunately due to me having a stroke I’m selling my beloved bikesOne and two run and ride but are decommissioned for winterThree is ongoing project I just didn’t get time to finishSelling as job lot ONLYNo reserveAll v5s present and I’m my nameCollection onlyBring a big van as bits and bobs laying aroundAny questions just askCash on collection please

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Item ID: 210625
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: wickford, United Kingdom
Last update: 16.04.2021
Views: 14
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