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Suzuki gsx1100et/ex

Seller notes:Used
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Seller Description

I built it, I’m also finishing another one. This bike needs more time spent on it. I ride it as it is. It’s a gsx1100et frame. I bought a crash damaged gsxr1100wn bike, which is the water cooled gsxr. I used the wn engine, full wiring harness, full swingarm, rear wheel etc. It’s Hyabusa front end with German “the best” LSL top yoke and bars. Pingle fuel tap, “factory “ ignition advancer, Akrapovic silencer on one off exhaust system, full QB carbon Honda SP1 seat, I bought the rear fully adjustable Ohlins rear shock for my other gsx11 but have converted that bike back to twin Koni shocks so put the brand new Ohlins on this gsx. Gears are 1 up and 4 down, it’s the way the Harris rearsets worked out. Soon get used to it, or alter them! Front mudguard is off a gsxr1100m because the Hyabusa mudguards are ugly and massive. The finishing jobs are, altering the sidestand because it scrapes a bit to easily when hard cornering, needs a 520 chain and sprocket kit because the chain is to close to the tyre, or put spacers behind the sprockets that are on. I would go the 520 way, but that’s just my opinion, pushbike Speedo has stopped working, front mudguard needs better fixing at bottom mounts, it’s safe and strong as is, it’s how I’ve ridden the bike. I’ve hardly used it but normally take it to France in a van and remove front mudguard and ride it like that, including the small number plate. The French love bikers✅. I’ve mot’d the bike in the uk before, but I put it on a daytime because it only has high beam. Brake lights, back light, high beam, horn all work. Low beam used to work, probably one wire come loose. I will have a look if I have time. I’ve recently changed the logbook to historic because it’s over 40 years old. Free tax and no mot. I’ve cheeted really because it needs to be a standard bike�well it nearly is� frame and tank are 100% gsx1100et/ex. Insure it and ride it home. If it doesn’t sell I’ll finish it. It’s got a good working temperature gauge which I wanted with it being water cooled. I’ve probably forgot stuff but ask away.

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Item Information

Item ID: 239999
Motorcycle location: bishop auckland, United Kingdom
Last update: 9.11.2021
Views: 79
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Suzuki gsx1100et/ex
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