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SUZUKI GSX1100F '88 - Original Suzuki SportsTourer NOW $3950!!

Date of Manufacture:198711
Number of Previous Owners:2
Type:Sports Touring
Power (Bhp):136
Engine Capacity (cc):1127
Start Type:Electric start
For sale by:Private seller
Registration Number:Club Permit
Product Type:Classic, Collector Bikes
Gears:Five-speed manual
Drive Type:Chain
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Until the Kawasaki ZZR1100 was introduced, the Suzuki GSX1100F was pretty much king of the big-bore road bikes.Still a very fast runner by modern standards, GSX1100F has a slightly de-tuned (for torque) but very slightly larger capacity GSX-R1100 motor (1127 vs 1075).
Check out this site for a lot more info.
Information about Suzuki GSX1100F for sale on this page. See price and photos of the GSX1100F Suzuki
This GSX1100F is very factory original, unmolested and unmodified. Generally in tidy shape cosmetically (small ding rear of tank, a rack has sat on the rear duck-tail at some stage, screen has some sun crazing, some paint flaking on tank and ducktail), but is all in very roadworthy condition. Exhaust and mufflers all correct original. Tank has no rust inside.
I have had the front end rebuilt, carbs dismantled and cleaned, new Bridgestone Battlax tyres fitted, new battery, air and oil filters, front brake m/c has new seal kit, clutch m/c and slave cyl have new seal kits also.
Also I fitted new correct handlebar grips, a new seat cover, and new left mirror assy.
Disc rotors are all good, adjustable screen works, all electrics/lights are good. Except clock, which might respond well to a tinker..?
This motorcycle is mechanically A1 and totally reliable. Starts quick/easy, runs hard, stops well and handles nicely. Gear shifting super easy, and no gear whine noise. Very comfortable seat and suspension ideal for local bumpy roads in Central Vic.
Currently on Vic Club Permit, was a WA bike in previous ownership. Workshop manual comes with the bike, as well as a new coil assy.
Too many bikes, and not enough shed space after downsizing. But I will miss this bike....! Price is negotiable, within reason.
Further info, call Brian on 0409 [hidden information]. No texts, or scamming messages.. I have had one doozie already.
PRICE DROP..!! Was $4350, lowered to $3950.00

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Item Information

Item ID: 155688
Motorcycle location: Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia
Last update: 14.05.2020
Views: 54
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SUZUKI GSX1100F '88 - Original Suzuki SportsTourer NOW $3950!!
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