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Suzuki GSXR Slingshot 1988 F Streetfighter

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Here is my gsxr slingshot streetfighter 1988 it has a gsxf600 motorI have the certification for the engine change from DVLA , it has the correct frame and engine number on the logbook after the change and I also have a hpi certificate all of which come with the bike
Before you bid I don’t have the log book I have lost it . It’s not a dodgy listing I simply lost it and haven’t applied for another as it’s £25 and I’m tight .. I purchased on 17/10/2019 I have a pile of mots and receipts etc etc .
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
. i have googled it and it’s legal to sell without one , it’s easy for the new owner to apply for new ownership too and takes no more than 2 weeks to receive the log book , if it bothers you there is no log book then don’t bid ..I bought the bike running perfect but removed a bulky tail fairing with the intention of replacing it for the gsxr one in the pic but I just haven’t had chance to sort it and need the cash for my new kitchen .Will need a new subframe fabricating ideally to fit the new tail .I haven’t started it since I bought it a year and a half ago , I tried the other day and fuel pissed out of the carbs so they want looking at but engine, gearbox , everything is perfect.
Here is a list of what it had had when I bought itGsxr1100 front end with usd forksGsxr1100 alloy gul swingarmGsxr1000 rear shockNew tyresNew padsBar conversionOil and plugsOil filterNew chain and sprocketsNew clutchNew clutch worm gearNew clutch cableCarbs are tin tops which are getting rare now (good for turbo )Carbs have new main jets , and pilots plus al float valve needles have been replacedClocks are KM as the bike was a import in 1997Micron down pipes and link pipeStubby GP style can with removable baffle
PLEASE NOTE : I swapped the wheels for my black wheels of my drag bike so it no longer has the polished wheels and now has black wheels .
Overall , bike needs carbs looking at , rear end sorting , wiring connecting back up for the rear end a good clean and a new battery.Overall this could be a awesome bike with minimal work.Great little bargain for someone and just in time for summer
Anyone is welcome to have a viewing before bidding just contact me through eBay 👍🏻
Viewing in retford Notts by appointment

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Item ID: 213532
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Retford, United Kingdom
Last update: 5.05.2021
Views: 5
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Suzuki GSXR Slingshot 1988 F Streetfighter
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