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Suzuki GT250 X7 1981

For sale by:Private seller
Item status:In archive

Seller Description

Hi up for sale is a
project that i no longer have time for. This is a highly collectable GT250 the
first 100mph 2 stroke 250 which was a big thing back in the day.

This is the series 2 X7 engine which is a fun bike to ride,
currently in pieces but is a complete bike with spare casings spare clutch
basket plus numerous other internal components. Was registered and going in
2010 but had a bottom end failure.

I have sourced a good bottom end so can now be put back
together full gasket set from england just $80 including postage.

Once assembled back to factory condition this bike would be
worth $5-$6K as the chrome and alloy is in good nik. Seat reuphostered

Every part is there as far as i am aware along with carby
kits, fork seals and other items. Looks like it had new pistons and rings/rebore
Information about Suzuki for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Suzuki
Tyres are near 100% new chain sprocket. Aftermarket dash if wanted

Make a reasonable offer and it is yours

Note first 2 photos are what is looked like when on the road

There is a rusted out frame pitted forks seized motor no head
/ barrels for $500 on ebay . My bike is an easy project , bit of paint ( if you wanted but very presentable) ,
polish, new seals in the bottom end then reassemble and you will have a nice bike

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Item Information

Item ID: 89438
Motorcycle location: Bungendore, NSW, Australia
Last update: 27.10.2018
Views: 288
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Suzuki GT250 X7 1981
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