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Suzuki Katana 750se

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Commonly callec the pop up this is often a missed gem.
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I bought this a few years ago as a bit of a project, decided to keep it mostly standard.The bike usually has a pop up motorised headlight, however the bike came to me withawful streetfight twin lights but with the fairing minus a frame and light unit. Thought I do it standard'ish and it looks quite authentic. The headlight is fixed but without destroying the feasability of fitting standard motorised pop up light. I have since obtained the required frame and motor unit minus the flap, so would be easy to complete the transformation to standard.Anyhow after a bit of fiddling the bike burst into life and I can quite honestly say this is one of the sweetest motors Ive heard in a long time, mechanically its a silent sewing machine of an engine!I did mot it and I did buzz it about a bit but I am just way to busy with work and I have twenty or so bikes and its a shame to let it sit around idle.The paintwork was redone by an automotive guy and is lovelly.Wheels have been refinished, exhaust is good.Everything works and it rides fine, very light and easy even in traffic.Unfortunately for some I dont want to swap so no offers please.I am letting a few of my bikes go as I just dont have time for them and I have my Lancia projectcoming back from paint soon so the room is needed.Please feel free to contact me on [hidden information] or come and have a look.

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Item ID: 209033
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Barnstaple, United Kingdom
Last update: 5.04.2021
Views: 13
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Suzuki Katana 750se
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