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Used suzuki sv650 amo 2019 / 20

V5 Registration Document:Present
Vehicle Type:Sports Touring
MOT Expiration Date:2019
Capacity (cc):525 to 674 cc
Drive Type:Chain
Type:Sports Touring
Previous owners (excl. current):1
Item status:In archive   SEE NEW ADS >>>>>   

Seller Description

2019/20 SUZUKI SV650 AMO
Only 382miles.
This bike was brought last month directly from Suzuki GB, with the intention of stripping and creating a Super-Twin race bike. With the current pandemic the International road races have been cancelled and this bike is surplus to requirements. So is untouched and ready for-sale.
Immaculate bike, literally not a mark. Both keys present and V5.
Ready to ride.
Big savings on RRP.
Cash on collection.

Price Dinamics

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Item Information

Item ID: 232448
Motorcycle location: Coalville, United Kingdom
Last update: 1.09.2021
Views: 46
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suzuki sv650 amo 2019 / 20
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