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Suzuki T350 in good condition from 1972

$ 0

V5 Registration Document:Present
Country/Region of Manufacture:Japan
Start Type:Kick start
Previously Registered Overseas:Yes
Capacity (cc):315
Drive Type:Chain
Previous owners (excl. current):2
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Seller Description

1972 Suzuki T350 in good running condition.
Electronic ignition fitted.
Restored engine with crankshaft overhauled in 2019.
Matching numbers bike.
Excellent paintwork.
Starts easily and runs well.
Second owner in Germany since 2014. Now UK registered Historic Vehicle with V5C in my name.
Photos are from 06/03/21. More photos on request along with video of bike being started and run. Viewing recommended, with social distancing in open air possible.
UK Bidders only, thank you.On 13-Mar-21 at 08:47:42 GMT, seller added the following information:Tank has been lined and is rust free.

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Item Information

Item ID: 209406
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Ilford, United Kingdom
Last update: 7.04.2021
Views: 6
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Suzuki T350 in good condition from 1972
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