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Suzuki T500

For sale by:Private seller
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Seller Description

let me say right off if you are looking for a as factory bike best to leave this page now.
The bike is actually a 1974 T500L fitted with a Cobra tank and a Yamaha TX500 front end.
The motor mechanically wise is sewing machine quiet, I have never heard one this quiet before.It's last "real" outing was Brisbane to Tamworth and back, (VJMC rally), it hammered all the way, and I have ridden it locally almost weekly since.In other words it is a reliable rider with nothing to do in that respect.
I bought the bike without the tank and I had this bare Cobra tank here, but by the time I sourced the chrome panels, rubber knee pads and badges, add paint and the tank alone
cost around $1000.
The TX front end was also on the bike when I bought it, the brakes have been rebuilt with new seals, pads and pistons and work extremely well.The fork legs needs attention but with that said they do only weep, not leaking loads etc.
The engine was completely stripped and cases, head and barrels and carbs were vapor blasted.Motor internals were good and reused.
All the electrics were rebuilt and it is fitted with a modern day reg/rec, charging is above average.
Other smaller items such as wheel bearings, neck bearings, seatcover etc were replaced with new etc.
Bike is a 3 kick start from cold choke on, let it warm a bit and away you go.
There is still work to do if you want real pretty but if you just want to ride and have fun there is nothing to do.
Bike is on non transferable club rego so is sold not registered.
Please come see the bike pre bidding if you possibly can.
The bike will not be sold for less than start bid.
Thanks for looking.
Located Mt.Gravatt East Brisbane.
I will help arrange transport if I can.
Payment is cash on pick up or bank deposit.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the

PS the little bell on the bars stays with me, was a pressie from my daughter.

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Item Information

Item ID: 114600
Motorcycle location: Brisbane, Australia
Last update: 7.04.2019
Views: 133
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Suzuki T500
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