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Thumpin 125cc 4 speed man dirtbike pitbike thumpster big wheels rec reg ready

Non-Domestic Product:No
Engine Capacity (cc):125
Modified Item:No
Featured Refinements:125cc Dirt Bike
For sale by:Dealer
Item status:In archive

Seller Description

Welcome to Dandy dirtbikes, Hallam victoria
where you can buy confidently
we have been in operation since 2000
15+ years specializing in chinese dirt bikes
quad bikes & spare parts
to buy or check postage
on offer is
1 x Thumpin 125ccDirt bike,White or black color available
Latest model, rec reg ready (can not be road registered)
brand new in box
Alloy 125cc, 4 stroke,High performance
22mm carby
4 speed manual ( semi auto also available)
kick start
17/14 inch wheels,
15mm Axles
New style Knobby tires,
Big Disc brakes with large rotors
Heavy duty suspension
Latest styleplastic fairing
foam air filter
can be seen at 114 Wedgewood rd Hallam vic open mon-thursday 10am-5pm, friday till 4pm
please contact us for any other information you may require
can send anywhere in Australia, cheap freight available,
check our web site for postage costs, or to buy now www.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
or please ask for a quote
03 9796 4201 [hidden information]
free pick up

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Item Information

Item ID: 156718
Motorcycle location: Hallam, Victoria, Australia
Last update: 18.05.2020
Views: 56
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Thumpin 125cc 4 speed man dirtbike pitbike thumpster big wheels rec reg ready
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