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1994 Toyota Celica Used 2L Red Manual Petrol Coupe

$ 0

Engine Size:2
Modified Item:Yes
Safety Features:4-Wheel Drive
Body Type:Coupe
Drivetrain:4 WD
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Reluctantly selling my GT4.
Information about 1994 Toyota Celica for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Celica Toyota
£6000OVNO -
Japanese import
Have a house to pay for and another baby on the way hence the sale. Would love to keep the car but I don’t get to use it much. I bought this car when I was 22 I’m 32 now so have a small family and need to move on really. I’ve looked after it well.
Engine oil and filter changed every 3[hidden information] miles
-full brake overhaul @ [hidden information] miles on 14/07/17 by Bigg Red (pistons/pins/bleed valves)- new pads all round and front discs changed-Turbo overhaul turned into hybrid @ [hidden information] 22/06/18 (Midlands Turbo, makes a lot more power internals been bored out and new parts installed)-new Timing belt and supporting parts @ 102,880 - car laser alignment on 23/08/2018- underneath cleaned and stone guarded including arches 22/06/2018- rear suspension over haul al poly bushes and arms and rear diff 22/06/2018
Engine:Stock ECU,Blitz Dual SBC boost controllerBailey’s dump valveEVO front mount intercoolerTunning developments FMIC pipesBRD decat, wrapped in titanium heat wrap3 inch custom straight through exhaustApexi power intake filterEngine mounts x 2 ( polybushed )
Wheels and body:OZ chrono - 17 inch Et35BC coil oversTyres- good year eagle F1 good condition
Interior:Mostly standardPush button to start and a dead switch,8000K HID lightsUpgraded clocks
Some Japanese service history.Service history dated back to 2005.I have a huge folder of service history and spent thousands on it.
Cars paintwork could be better. The black spots where the sills are ,are from previous owner sticking the side skirts on with some sort of no nails stuff. Could do with respray to make it a very nice example.
The front left wing needs replacing. Have a brand new one with car but have not fitted.
Usual stone chips, and bonnet needs a respray as a garage dropped something on it then made a crap job of repairing it.
Battery located in boot and needs securing with a metal frame again another job I didn’t get round to.
Car drives well and starts first push of button. Pulls well in all gears. Was dynoed at 283BHP a while back but since then it’s had a hybrid turbo fitted and a straight through exhaust and decat so probably pushing the 300 mark.
Slight crunch between 3rd and 4th gear. Most likely gear syncro. Common problem with these cars.
Car has been well maintained and majority of work carried out by MK autos in Blackburn, who if you know is a very good garage. Ask Martin about this car and he will tell you straight up if it’s a duffer or not.
Any questions please ask. Car currently sorn. No Mot ran out in August. I don't have time to get MOTed as id need to insure it get it MOTed then buyer or whoever still may not buy so just wasting my time.
[hidden information] - car located on the Wirral , UK, CH43 post codeSerious buyers only. No dreamers

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Item ID: 196105
Sale price: $ 0
Car location: Prenton, United Kingdom
Last update: 6.12.2020
Views: 30
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1994 Toyota Celica Used 2L Red Manual Petrol Coupe
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