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Used Triton 1956 Norton Wideline Featherbed Triumph T110 John Tickle

Gears:Four-speed manual
Engine Size:650
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Seller Description

Selling my Triton, haven’t rode it in 10 years..pulled it out of storage today, wiped it over, bit of fresh petrol, started first kick... one of the best �proper’ Tritons I’ve seen.. it runs but could do with a little tlc, (oil change, valves checked etc ) have no time now, and need the space....please read spec belowTriton1955 T110 pre unitNew 9.1 pistons.New Twin Amal Mk1 Concentric's.

Lucas K2FC Competition Magneto (Fully Reconditioned).Belt Drive conversion with SRMalloy Plate, New plates and springs.New Timing side coverincorporating Tachometer drive.Gearbox fully reconditioned.Swept Back Megaphone Exhausts.Rear sets with gear linkage.
1957 Norton Wideline Featherbed frame Powder CoatedAlloy Petrol tank , and Alloy Oil tank painted in traditional Manx colours.Norton exposed spring Road-holder forks.Alloy rims and Full Width Hubs with New Tyres.John Tickle Twin Leading Front Brake.All Stainless Steel fixings.Original Magnetic Smiths Speedo and Tachometer.Alloy Clipons.Rare SUPERPRACTIC Throttle.Manx style seat with Cut out for oil tank.
No dreamers please, only enquire or bid if you are serious about buying, feel free to message me with questions... this is an auction with no reserve, bank transfer preferred or cash on collectionbike is based in Ongar, Essex

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Item Information

Item ID: 208600
Motorcycle location: Ongar Essex, United Kingdom
Last update: 3.04.2021
Views: 100
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Triton 1956 Norton Wideline Featherbed Triumph T110 John Tickle
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