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Triumph Daytona triple 675

$ 1606

For sale by:Private seller


Triumph Daytona triple 675  2007  comes with heap of spare parts,rims, exhaust,transmission,clutch too much to mention, new battery tyres,front rim,clutch and brake levers,  nice looking bike, it starts and runs,for some reason when ridden it will rev to around or 5000 rpm then hesitates don't know why  the engine light is on as well,possibly easy fix, no  reg or rwc,was last Registered in 2009 have ton of spares that come with the bike,and possibly can fix with the spares, pick up hillside 3037 any questions ask.

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Sale price: $ 1606
Motorcycle location: Hillside, VIC, Australia
Last update: 13.06.2018
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Triumph Daytona triple 675
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