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Triumph Speed Triple 1050 2011 sports tourer carbon extras & arrow exhausts

$ 0

Model:Speed Triple
Submodel:Speed Triple
Modified Item:Yes
Previous owners (excl. current):3

Seller Description

Welcome, this is a opportunity on one of the mostnotorious bikes in production today. The Triumph Speed Triple 1050
These machines are truly in a leauge of there own, with the inline - torquey , reliable , 3 cylinder engine,cradled in aAluminum beam, twin-sparframeand that lightweight alloy continues into the single-sided swingarm!
Showa Provides The Supention, fully ajustable 43mm radial Front Forks and aFully Adjustable re-bound and pre-load Rear Shock.
Brembo brakes with front radials that are incredibly powerfull and the rear with nice good feel throughout it
This particular one benefits from carbon fibre infills around the radiator shrouds, tank and mudguard also the arrow exhausts which complement the bike beyond I could explain, on engine overrun the backfires sound like a hourse galloping. It's truly a pleasant and satisfying sound.
Obviously the bikes very cheap for what it is, this is just because unfortunatelyit was categorised as a cat n at some point. Other then this there is scratches and a dent in the tank. For bad bits that's it.
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I've got the original belly pan front cowl (for the headlights) and a white leather tank cover also the mirrors, I just prefered riding without those.
As mentioned above she passed MOT late December / no advisorys needs for nothing and works perfectly, first to see will buy
Thanks for looking

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Item ID: 213339
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: brighton, United Kingdom
Last update: 3.05.2021
Views: 8
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Triumph Speed Triple 1050 2011 sports tourer carbon extras & arrow exhausts
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