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Triumph T21 3TA 350cc Twin - 1961 year of manufacture

$ 0

Model:T21 3TA
V5 Registration Document:Present
Start Type:Kick start
Gears:Four-speed manual
Drive Type:Chain
Number of Manual Gears:4
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Seller Description

Clean and tidy example of a Classic Historic Bike from a bygone era. Starts and runs well, light to handle and sounds like all British Twins should.
Recent coil fitted and halogen bulbs in headlight.
Buyer to collect/arrange collection from Morecambe Area

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Item Information

Item ID: 232269
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Morecambe Lancs, United Kingdom
Last update: 30.08.2021
Views: 19
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Triumph T21 3TA 350cc Twin - 1961 year of manufacture
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