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Triumph Thunderbird 6T Matching Numbers and original Reg.

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Seller Description

This is my Triumph 6T Thunderbird which according to Triumph factory records was despatched to Raynes Motors Ltd of Doncaster on 15th September 1958, and this is confirmed by the Triumph Owners Club Paperwork with the bike.
It is a matching numbers bike and has its original Reg No confirmed by the original buff log book with the machine. The bike was fully restored some years back and the original number was reclaimed. I have the current V5 in my name.
The bike is in very good condition and starts first kick from cold. The engine is very crisp with no smoke and the bike rides very well with everything working as it should. It has good brakes and tyres and all the tinwork is original. It has had a recent new battery fitted. All chrome is good. Like most British bikes there is a very occasional drip of oil but this is minimal. Probably gearbox seal.

All paintwork is as it looks in the pics, infact unlike some digital camera pics, this bike probably looks even better in the flesh than the pics show it.
Classed as historic and so no MOT required and free tax. Only cost to run this for twelve months is around £80 for insurance.
I like this Triumph a lot and would prefer to keep it, but worn out knee joints mean at 75 this year I have to find an electric start machine ! Might sound a bit odd but I would consider a very clean early NSU Quickly part ex.
If you need any further info please contact me 07836 [hidden information]. I could possibly deliver it for £1 per mile one way subject to Covid rules. Bike can be demonstrated on our private lane.
Thanks for looking.
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Item Information

Item ID: 212223
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Frodsham, United Kingdom
Last update: 26.04.2021
Views: 14
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Triumph Thunderbird 6T Matching Numbers and original Reg.
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