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Triumph TR250 W Trophy 1971 street scrambler rebuilt engine , much money spent

$ 0

Model:Street Scrambler

Seller Description

Triumph 250 street scramblerOnly 3 previous owners1st owner owned for 43 years
3 rd Previous owner I bought from had the engine rebuilt ( got all the invoices)New cylinder liner to standard size with new piston and ringsNew con rodBig end and small endAll new seals ,Valve guides and springs valves lapped inPrimary chain and slipperNew plain and friction platesNew Dellorto carb and filter upgradeNew anti wet sump deviceNew gear leverNew speedo mounting and cableNew rear chain and sprocketsNew leversNew rear shocksNew fork gaitorsNew gripsNew footrest rubbers and pillion pegsNew brake shoesNew tyresNew tubesNew battery coverNew seat coverNew chrome mirrorNew Electrex World electronic ignitionHe was an elderly gentleman and once rebuilt found it a bit too heavy and difficult to start with his ageing knees hence the Bike has done no miles since ,The original chrome on the wheels and the exhaust is presentableThe paintwork is past it’s best and the tank has been hand painted however the bike look presentable as isWith the electronic ignition and the upgraded carb it starts very easy and revs freely , engine sounds greatMot and tax exempt tooA great classic and more unusual TriumphLooks better in the pictures than in real life but mechanicals excellentCollection from Didcot south Oxfordshire
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Item Information

Item ID: 233403
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: didcot, United Kingdom
Last update: 6.09.2021
Views: 10
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Triumph TR250 W Trophy 1971 street scrambler rebuilt engine , much money spent
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