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TRK Benelli 502X Adventure,400 miles only, Full Givi Luggage.

Model:Adventure 502 X
V5 Registration Document:Present
Modified Item:No
Extra Features:Case/Topcase
Drive Type:Chain
Metallic Paint:Yes
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Seller Description

TRK 502 X has undergone a complete restyling in 2020 , The result of a series of technical and aesthetic interventions introduced to improve handling, enjoyment and overall look. A motorcycle with remodelled details, important updates and evolutions, starting with the new graphics and the new texture of the plastics used to bestow even more character on the TRK 502 X, highlighting its globetrotter spirit.The handlebar switchgear have a total makeover and are now backlit, whilst the rear-view mirrors boast a new design together with the TRK logo, as well as the new hand grips. The newly shaped handlebar is now adjustable to allow each rider to achieve their best riding position, as well as the clutch lever which is also adjustable.

It also features a new rear pannier rack made of aluminium alloy boasting a new more eye-catching and ergonomic design. The new seat completes the restyling, now more comfortable and spacious, offering maximum comfort to both rider and passenger, and revised finishes which exceed the latest quality standards. The TRK 502 X shares with the road version the solid and sturdy 2-cylinder in-line engine, with liquid cooling and a double-overhead camshaft, which, when combined with such a stylish chassis, makes this bike both captivating and easy to handle. Maximum engine power is 47.6 hp (35 kW) at 8500 rpm and maximum torque is equal to 46 Nm at 6000 rpm. It has wet-sump lubrication, wet multiplate clutch, and six-speed gearbox with final chain drive. The trellis frame with steel plates provides a guarantee of reliability regardless of conditions. Designed to effortlessly handle off-road riding, the TRK 502 X has a suspension setting consisting of an upside-down fork with 50 mm legs at the front with a 140 mm travel and, at the rear, a swinging arm with a central monoshock featuring adjustable hydraulic rebound and compression damping and spring preload (62mm travel) to absorb the shock on the most uneven road surfaces with maximum ease. TRK 502 X also features a refined stylish exhaust fitted in a higher position compared to the road version of the TRK 502, to tackle even the most uneven road surfaces without a single hitch. The engine guard comes standard. The braking system also boasts a 320 mm diameter double disc with 2-piston floating callipers at the front, and a 260 mm diameter disc at the rear providing a powerful, modulated and well-balanced braking performance. The aluminium alloy 19” spoke rims mounted on the front and the 17" at the rear are fitted with 110/80 and 150/70 tyres, guaranteeing superior levels of safety even in the most difficult situations. The tank capacity is about 20 litres. As standard, TRK 502 X features a large headlight fairing that guarantees maximum protection and a central stand. TRK 502 X is available in Yellow, White, Blue and Grey.

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Item Information

Item ID: 228528
Motorcycle location: tredegar gwent, United Kingdom
Last update: 9.08.2021
Views: 73
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TRK Benelli 502X Adventure,400 miles only, Full Givi Luggage.
Current customer rating: 4/5 based on 2139 customer reviews

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