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Used 2002 Ural Tourist Black/White 750L Manual Petrol

Seller notes:Running condition
Engine Size:750
Extra Features:Steering Damper
Type:Sidecar Outfit
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Seller Description

For Sale my Ural Tourist 2002 "Deco" Model (Black & White), comes with personal plate R9 URL.
As stated it is Black & White and is the "budget" 4 speed version that came without reverse gear but it is easy and in-expensive to fit if wanted.
The rig run's well but could do with the valves being set. It benefits from the oil filter upgrade which is far superior to the stock filter and cheaper to renew filters once fitted.
It also has the superior engineered Hertzog Timing Gears fitted, spot-lights and LED headlight, sidecar tonneau, tractor style seats, luggage rack.
In all it rides well and I am very sad to let it go as they are so much fun.

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Item Information

Item ID: 256470
Motorcycle location: Long Load, United Kingdom
Last update: 17.02.2022
Views: 90
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2002 Ural Tourist Black/White 750L Manual Petrol
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