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Used used cars for sale private sellers

30500 AUD $
Seller notes:“One-year-only model. Unique inversely curved rear window. Side exit exhaust. performance ...
Read moreabout the seller notes:“One-year-only model. Unique inversely curved rear window. Side exit exhaust. performance suspension. Stainless steel interior door Oldsmobile 425 cu inch with factory-fitted performance mods for that model Gearbox: GM 3 speed Turbo Hydro 400.Rear axle:10 Bolt Oldsmobile G80 Anti-Slip pos trac. Ratio 3.42:1,Accessories:Air con, Power steering, Automatic, T Bar floor shift, Factory sport suspension, Front and rear sway bars, Power brakes, Tinted glass, electric windows, Under bonnet chrome, Centre console, Radio, Floor mats etc. Bucket seats. It needs a boot mat. Original cardboard boot liners. Original triangular anti-freeze windscreen washer bottle fitted. Spare Parts:New Power window wire door rubber covers, New door seals.trims.”
Read lessabout the seller notes:Year
1965:VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
Get the Vehicle History Report:Kilometres
140000:Car Type
Classic Cars:Number of Cylinders
8:Type of Title
Clear (most titles):Number of Seats
V8 425 cu in:Number of Doors
Automatic:Fuel Type
Petrol:Date of 1st Registration
01 07 65:Model
Coupe:Drive Type
RWD:Interior Colour
General motors:Exterior Colour
Aqua:For Sale By
Private Seller:Drive Side
Left-Hand Drive:Body Type

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used cars for sale private sellers

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Item ID: 311477
Sale price: AUD $ 30500
Car location: Australia
Last update: 7.06.2024
Views: 28
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used cars for sale private sellers
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