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Vauxhall corsa vxr spares or repairs

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Vauxhall corsa vxr for spares or repairsThis is a police disposal car and is recordedOn the HPI. Please do your own checks toSatisfy.diagnostic check has been done and there isA cylinder 4 misfire recorded as well as a air bagLight on and indicates the passenger seat PretensionerFault.The car is sold as spares or repairs And no warrantyGiven or employed and viewing suggested.I’ve been told it has a stage 1 remap to 230bhpBut there’s No paper work/ history with the carTo prove. I have 1 key and V62 form will needFilling out. Miles are 82,000 please do a vosa check.Great pocket rocket for someone winter project.Thanks for looking and I will try and answer anyQuestion.NOTE. Please don’t bid and then come tyre kick!!The end price is what it sells for no haggling or returns.Car needs to be collected with in 3 daysTrailered away or recovered by your vehicle.Please make sure you can do this.Thanks.

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Item ID: 192100
Sale price: $ 0
Car location: Reading, United Kingdom
Last update: 11.11.2020
Views: 29
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Vauxhall corsa vxr spares or repairs
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