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vb commodore sl 79 stroked 355

$ 11450

Car Type:Passenger Vehicles
Fuel Type:Petrol
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Drive Type:RWD
Body Type:Sedan
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“Very good condition”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Selling my loved VB commodore. It presents very nicely with some minor imperfections I will detail further below. So many parts have been replaced or reconditioned on this car it drives unbelievably well. The interior is clean and looks nice with ebony dash with wood grain and some small touches like white gauges and blue led instrument illumination (original gauges with white face). No tears in seats but I was always wanting to retrim the whole interior to bring it up to the standard of the out side. I have new plush carpet in but edges have not been trimmed and covers on door way edges are not fitted. Regardless it looks very nice and suits in current condition. Rims are custom chrome 17inch interceptors tyres suspension also are new. The exterior has had professional rust repairs around front and back Windows also the roof was repaired and been professionally resprayed in a very nice charcoal grey. The interior door sections have not been resprayed but look acceptable in a close shade of that colour.
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Engine bay was painted in atlas grey (gunmetal) as I had a theme planned for the motor and bay colour configuration. As time frames could not keep up with the rest of the build it was forced to stay as atlas grey, however presents nicely. This car was an original factory v8 4.2 litre 3spd auto, has all matching ID tags, but now has had a whole new drive train well thought and installed. The motor is a VN 89 5litre 304 professionally stroked up to 355 ci, and set up so all emissions requirements are met. Extensive work was taken to keep as efi with a new custom wiring harness. It still runs the delco computer situated in the glovebox along with fuse box and relays. Has Bosch 775 blue top injectors 1000cfm throttle body on a torque power single plane manifold port matched to the ported VN heads. The larger Pacemaker extractors (5700) to 2.5inch twin exhaust and a very smooth T5 manual gbox with excedy HD clutch. Custom clutch pedal box makes depressing the clutch very easy. The diff is a completely over hauled large 10bolt Salisbury with 3:55 gear ratio and disc brakes (Upgraded 1995 callipers). Master cylinder resleeved (record and upgraded to suit the resleeved callipers. Shocks are monroe GT sports with king springs. Power steering rack and pump reconditioned also. The motor has been built to strict clearance specs and built professionally. Bottom end is a C.O.M.E racing 355 balanced package - 355 crank H beam rods forged hi comp pistons. Compression was measured at 10.7:1 heads reconditioned have 2.02 int and 1.6 exh valves cam matched springs and crane collets. Crane 1.65 ratio 7/16 stud mount roller rockers and cam is crane hydraulic 286. This motor was built with all ratios and vehicle choice in mind to be full of grunt but very nice street car to drive. And that is exactly what it is. [hidden information] and It has 460km since built. Running this motor in has been well worth all the hard work and puts a smile on my face every day. So it’s nearly ready to be dyno tuned (@500km) I expect 400 - 500fwhp could be more. note - come bottom end is rated to 600bhp and 7000rpm. And yes it’s mod plates and registered as a daily driver. Unfortunately I have chipped a 10c peice size chip near the driver door handle on edge of door and can’t stop looking at it. This is the second 355 build in this car with this motor so bore is at 0.040 thou over with plenty of life left for the next rebuild many years down the track. Everything done has a receipt so you can add up the thousands spent knowing it’s the real deal and reliable. Another 5 - 7 grand and the interior would be custom trimmed and up to standard but iv blown the budget along time ago and will take me quite a while to do. A kalmaker tune is next at $1350 and I can include this before sale as I’m eager to see what it makes. But in the meantime I have more important priorities to focus on hence my listing to sell.Please only bid if your a serious buyer. Cash to be paid on pick up or bank transfer. No need to sell as this is my daily driver for me and my 2 boys but for the right money I’ll part. Thanks for checking reading the ad.

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Item Information

Item ID: 209112
Sale price: $ 11450
Car location: Brisbane, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 6.04.2021
Views: 7
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vb commodore sl 79 stroked 355
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