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vh valiant charger 1972 factory 265 auto complete car "great project"

$ 14318

vh valiant charger 1972 factory 265 auto complete car "great project" for Sale
vh valiant charger 1972 factory 265 auto complete car "great project" for Salevh valiant charger 1972 factory 265 auto complete car "great project" for Sale
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For Sale by:Private Seller


March 1972 Valiant charger XL factory 265 auto "great project" russet metallic paint (4535) black trim (X1) pretty complete car, matching inner guard & i.d plate. sportsman wheels, disc brake front, comes with extras, non original motor, car requires restoration.
Body is reasonably good (for a charger) pretty straight, has had a couple of panel repairs here & there, most rust (didn't have a lot other than bottom of quarters & door corners) has been cut out properly & metal sections welded in, there's still a bit nothing to major, very good cabin floor & sills, couple sections of rust in the boot floor (only sections doesn't require full floor), pretty good around rear screen / boot gutter / drain pipe area, still in a fair bit of it's original paint inside door jams/roof/boot/sills etc. all panels are use able although the bonnet is not great, I have been doing work on this over time & any areas that have been repaired have been temporarily repainted in acrylic along with the front as front was 1/2 in primer when I brought it, eventually I was going to put the car in to be completely resprayed when ready, no sunroof holes or flared / lipped guards, does require repair around steering box where all valiant's seem to falter, & plenum area, other than that I know whats out there & I didn't find it easy when I was looking for one as a project, & this is no rust bucket.
Interior factory black & is pretty much complete but shabby, mostly there except head lining (so no chasing all the hard to find bits seats etc.) comes with centre console & floor shift I am not 100% sure if it was a floor shift car but has a blank column & although it comes with console mount brackets from another car (pictured with parts) it has areas on the tunnel where it appears they may have already been there once before? 
mechanically the car is pretty complete, non matching numbers 215 engine (this is a factory 265 car) motor runs rough but all running gear there, disc brake front, brakes just working so no driving this back to Sydney onto a trailer only, petrol only car never been on gas.
* parts & extras that come with the car are all pictured, radio, seat belts (there but I forgot to put in pic) scuff plates, badges, console, floor shift, glove box, moulds, carpet, misc. parts, original charger 3 spoke sports steering wheel in very good condition, set of 4 new reproduction centre wheel caps, NOS original charger petrol cap, I am not separating anything !!! pretty much a complete car that comes with all the hard to get /good stuff & extras so no chasing around paying a fortune for rare individual / missing parts.
* all in all a good project / restorer not getting any easier to find a reasonable charger & not many decent chargers available in today's market.* I wan't to sell the car but don't have to, it was going to be a long term project but I now have other priorities.* any further questions or to arrange an inspection forward me your details & I will get back to you asap.* I am not interested in any trades at all & please I am also not interested in any low ball offers or negotiating price via email, there is a little room for negotiation not much, so if it is not within your budget please give it a miss.* car is located near Broadford Vic.* I reserve the right to remove from ebay at any time* payment by cash on pickup or bank deposit (car will not leave till funds fully clear) 

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Sale price: $ 14318
Car location: Broadford, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 23.05.2018
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vh valiant charger 1972 factory 265 auto complete car "great project"
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