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2016 Victory Cross Country Used 1731L

Model:Cross Country
Engine Size (cc):1731
Exterior Color:Red
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
:“Sold AS-IS NO Warranty - I am the Original Owner from day 1...”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

2016 Victory Cross CountryHavasu Red Pearl12,250 km ( 7780 mi )
Performance UpgradesPerformance CamsTiming Wheel +4 DegreesPower Commander VUnderdrive PulleyHi Flow Air FilterAftermarket Slip On Exhaust - Arlen Ness Big Honkers10.4mm Spark Plug WiresDyno Tuned (Champion Cycle Toronto) Chart AttachedCosmetic21” Front Wheel w/ matching 16” Rear WheelSykoytic Industries Floor BoardsVic Baggers Tarzanz Bars 2” up 1” Pull BackVic Bagger Highway BarsSykotic Industries Saddle Bag Audio LidsShorty AntennaLay Down License PlatePainted Dash TrimArlen Ness GripsArlen Ness Fuel Tank Cap12” Windvest WindscreenDigital Guard Dawg Keyless IgnitionFull Custom StereoJVC Head UnitRockford Fosgate Punch AmpRockford Fosgate 6”x9” Rear SpeakersRockford Fosgate 6.5” Front SpeakersAll work completed by MC Speed and Chrome Barrie, Peak Powersports Barrie/Oakville and Platinum Powersports in Clinton.

Well over $10,000 invested
( Items also included in listing is the Victory Motorcycle Carpet, Victory Motorcycle Cover, Lock and Ride Passenger Back Rest w/ Luggage Rack )
Motorcycle is in great shape, minor surface scratches ( Swirl Marks ) wear and tare from riding for 3 years.. Runs and rides amazing !!!
I will answer any and all questions regarding the motorcycle
I am located 1 Hour North of Toronto just outside of Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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Item Information

Item ID: 134053
Motorcycle location: Angus, Canada
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 14.11.2019
Views: 89
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2016 Victory Cross Country Used 1731L
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