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Used Vincent Comet 1951 fully restored

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Seller Description

For Sale
Fully Restored Vincent 500cc Comet
Rare opportunity to purchase this immaculate 1951 Vincent , Registered to its first owner 04/04/1951/ a Mr Henry Bellfrom Leicester.
Very original bike still has its original registration number HBC647 still transferable if that's your thing,we have old Brown style log book and modern V5 to prove its history etc,allnumbers match old and new log book etc.
Original miller lights etc, this bike has had fortunes spent on restoration and has just covered 115 test miles.
Really sweet motor, with a fantastic crisp exhaust note that you only get from a Vincent.
Has been fitted with Amal Monoblock carb for sweeter running but comes with its original.
You will have to go a very long way to Find another Comet as nice as this bike.
Absolute Bargain and a blinding Investment,these bikes seen to just keep going up/up all the time.

Just double click the pictures for closer INSPECTION.
We can arrange fully Insured del to Any UK Address for ВЈ100.00 and the rest of the world at cost priceTo view or ask any questions ring David 07973 [hidden information] or office 01704 [hidden information]

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Item Information

Item ID: 227531
Motorcycle location: Southport, United Kingdom
Last update: 3.08.2021
Views: 60
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Vincent Comet 1951 fully restored
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