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Used Vincent Firefly

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Seller Description

This was bought by my dad on the 1 March 1980 and has been
in storage since 1989.
It has the very rare Philips frame and girder forks which
was an optional extra that few chose.
I have a file with various press cuttings and correspondence etc up until 1989.
My dad was a long term member of the Vincent Owners Club having
owned two Black Shadows and rode it from time to time. I haven’t started it in
case it needs things doing before its run again but I know it ran perfectly before.
I have the receipt from when dad bought it and various insurance
and licensing correspondence but not a current log book. I have applied though
for a replacement
It comes with the registration number.
Any questions and I will try and answer them

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Item Information

Item ID: 243297
Motorcycle location: wing, United Kingdom
Last update: 28.11.2021
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Vincent Firefly
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