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Vintage Motorcycle Suzuki TC125

$ 2518

For sale by:Private seller
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Product Type:Classic, Collector Bikes


Seller description

Classic 1976 Suzuki TC125 "Prospector" dirtbike. Last of the dual shocks - the end of an era.
Complete top end high quality rebuild, too many things to mention (some not pictured);
*Wiseco piston + rings
*New rear shocks + rebuilt front shocks
*all new tyres, cables, wiring, fistfuls of rubber mounting components and bagfuls of quality high tensile nuts bolts and washers (mostly OEM where possible)
*New seat, gear shift + kick rubber feet
*Lightweight 7075 aluminium custom rear sprocket with extra teeth to give more power/range on top end (to improve for streetriding) + some other lightweight high strength aluminium brackets inc engine mount and instrument bracket - very sleek polished aluminium in the OEM spirit - anything aftermarket on this has been done to fit with the original aesthetic more than $ reasons. (within reason).
*engine runs absolutely amazing, virtually no smoke, tons of revvy, brappy old-school power in this little, light machine. 
*96% complete rebuild of the bike basically - was a bit of a barn find when I got her over 6 years ago
Rides absolutely amazing - sounds like you wouldn't believe. Very smooth gearbox - clutchless shifting is possible (and awesome). Tuned for streetriding, absolutely the best to ride around the 'burbs but obviously would come alive on the track too (I was just loath to get her dirty). Blows almost no smoke. Was club registered and ridden for nearly a year, but now I have a car project (Z31) and this sadly has to help with that. Very, very regretful sale though. Hence the high "buy it now" price.
Has a couple minor imperfections - tachy cable socket is cracked, same with tail light. Has patch on hole in bottom of muffler. Reg expired last year. Not much at all to get her back on the road (or track). Overall super duper clean though. Very few scuffs scratches etc (what hasn't been replaced has been mostly meticulously rebuilt) and really turns heads wherever it goes. Bigger than you'd think for a 125 (and MUCH more powerful). On a warm day, starts first kick, every time. 
Video of it running;
Any questions feel free to message!

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Item ID: 190766
Sale price: $ 2518
Motorcycle location: Ormond, Australia
Last update: 5.11.2020
Views: 19
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Vintage Motorcycle Suzuki TC125
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