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Volvo 940 x2 Saloon estate drift car project track retro classic Volvo

Body Type:Saloon
Engine Size:2
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

This listing is for 2 x Volvo 940s
Drift/track car - 2lt turbo manual
Owned this a few years and used at arena Essex till it shut down So not used for a while , starts drives and skids .Has a broken engine mount bracket but this doesnt stop it skidding , comes with 2 spare rubber engine mounts .- coilover springs inside normal springs , welded diff , harnesses , hydro , acro in rear , no V5 , electric fan
Estate car -2lt n/a Manual
last mot On 9/1/2018 @ 200,601k miles , now on 200,692 , v5 present , last mot advisories on front tyres and pads so will not take a lot to get it back on the road , starts drives and stops , has cut springs all round ,new rad couple years ago .
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What u see is what u get , need a quick sale as both sitting there not being used taking up space, would make a great project for a turbo brick or drift turd , any questions feel free to ask on [hidden information] , collection from Near Gatwick airport .£100 non refundable deposit within 24hours of auction ending .Cash on collection .

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Item Information

Item ID: 179333
Car location: Gatwick , United Kingdom
Last update: 7.09.2020
Views: 14
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Volvo 940 x2 Saloon estate drift car project track retro classic Volvo
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