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Used VW Jetta 2.0 FSI 2007 Black Manual - 3 months registration no RWC

Date of Manufacture:20071000
For Sale by:Private Seller
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Fuel Type:Petrol
Modified Item:No
Body Type:Sedan
Engine Size (litre):2.0
Item status:In archive   SEE NEW ADS >>>>>   

Seller Description

Dent on rear panel above wheel.
Comes with 3 months registration.
Currently located in Olinda, Victoria 3788.
No time wasters please, wanting to sell ASAP.
If you have questions, please send through message and we can swap phone numbers.
Inspections available after 1 June.
Must sell as moving overseas

Price Dinamics

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Item Information

Item ID: 124922
Car location: Olinda, VIC, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 16.06.2019
Views: 903
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VW Jetta 2.0 FSI 2007 Black Manual - 3 months registration no RWC
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