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Vw kombi microbus V6

$ 11539

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Seller Description

1978 (11/77) Volkswagen kombi microbus NO RESERVE AUCTIONPainted in original 2 tone dakota beige (L13A) and achat brown (L86Z)- the paint is very nice with glossy finish.Many hard to come by parts such as rear rows of seats, front flipper windows, rear sliding windows, jail bars, chrome bumpers, paddedsteering wheel and trip metre speedo.
Registered with Renault 2.
Information about Volkswagen Kombi for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Kombi Volkswagen
5L v6 engine- the engine is very small and uses original Engine mounts with custom cross bar, the only body modification appears to be a section of the removable firewall to the fuel tank which has bee reshaped. YES it is registered with this engine but could be turned back to vw simply enough.Engine turns over (new battery installed) but I’ve not had it run honestly with a lack of time it’s only had a few turns but will continue to have a look over time if it doesn’t sell as is, it will need a radiator and thermo fan also. The car needs finishing off such as a few more window seals, tyres, upholstery etc and mechanical go over. Various parts and even a cool old Eski in the back are included.Freight $700 Melbourne / $850 to Sydney - allow about 2weeks.NO RESERVE AUCTION - the start price is 15k, I know it’s worth a lot more but I’ll leave it to the bidders to decide a price. I Won’t end the auction early and it is not listed elsewhere.
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Item Information

Item ID: 202995
Sale price: $ 11539
Car location: Gepps Cross, SA, Australia
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 9.02.2021
Views: 47
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Vw kombi microbus V6
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