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Vw kombi microbus V6 registered conversion

$ 12791

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Seller Description

1978 (11/77) Volkswagen kombi microbus
Painted in original 2 tone dakota beige (L13A) and achat brown (L86Z)- the paint is very nice with glossy finish.
Many hard to come by parts such as
*lowback front seats
*rear rows of seats
*front flipper windows
*rear sliding windows
*jail bars
*chrome bumpers
*padded steering wheel
*trip metre speedo.
Registered with Renault 2.5L v6 engine- new battery installed and engine turns over but hasn’t started. The engine bay isn’t hacked like some conversions with only a slight modification to the fuel tank firewall.
The car needs finishing off -some window seals (front and 3 rear seals are new and installed), tyres, mechanical go over etc.
Various original parts and even a cool old Eski in the back
Sold as is where is, a great project to complete as a modified vehicle or return to stock.
Information about Volkswagen Kombi for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Kombi Volkswagen

Freight $700 Melbourne / $850 to Sydney - allow about 2weeks- happy to quote other areas.
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Item Information

Item ID: 204040
Sale price: $ 12791
Car location: Gepps Cross, SA, Australia
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 17.02.2021
Views: 43
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Vw kombi microbus V6 registered conversion
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