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Vw T4 Projektzwo Caravelle 2.5 tdi 151bhp engine conversion lwb Camper van rare.

$ 0

Seller Description

Vw T4 Caravelle 2.5tdi 151bhp Ahy/Axg Camper conversion Long wheel base ( Very Rare ) find another.
I have owned since 2007 (121,000 miles full vw dealer service history.)
Full service history from 121,000 miles to present mileage 197,648.( Will go up with use).
Engine was converted at 156,577miles to 151bhp all genuine Vw parts used.
Engine only done approx 40,000 miles after beingconverted.
Full Engine spec to 151bhp ( Only available originally as LHD in Germany ) , could be re-mapped to 180+ bhp if required.
Bigger brakes as 313MM , DQR Gearbox , bigger driveshafts , bigger 240mm clutch, new turbo , different manifolds , front mount intercooler.
All information is in 2 x folders full off technical data including VW dealer part numbers , Service history , invoices , ETKA dealer part number sheets.
All M.o.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
t’s in my ownership.
Full self build camper conversion using modern Vohringher light weight ply board.
Pop top Lwb extra long which sleeps 2 in roof.
Van will go under 6ft 6 inch car park barriers.
Lounge area converts to bed with extension.
Smev 3 way gas hob ; Smev grill , taps.
Waeco fridge 3 way 12v,240v, ( gas not connected ).
240v plugs x 2.
300w slim solar panel ( largest available )
200amp battery.
Pioneer headunit with Radio , 12 disc cd changer & navigation.
Interior self built 1 off be-spoke using light weight Vohringher ply board.
Aluminium corners trims.
Seating lounge area converts to a bed with extension board & cushions , without the need to raise the roof.
Pop-up roof has zipped side panels forincreased air flow.
Table leg supplied , not fitted yet easily fitted asonly 6 screws.
Extra seat belts available.
Screen tech limo tint from rear gradual reduction towards front.
Interior blackout blinds.
Performance 3000 Jamex full suspension kit lowered 40mm.
Front heated screen ( very rare on Vw t4 ).
Vw t4 Projektzwo bodykit ( Genuine Vw stamps on kit ). Very rare.
Projektzwo Xenon quad headlights , smaller mark 2 lights.
Brock B2 alloy wheel ( German quality ). 17' x 8.5 j wide , with 4 New Falken tyres 235/45/17 xl.
Complete respray 2012 in indian blue original colour.
Raid leather steering wheel 320mm diameter.
Infinity Stainlesssteelcat back Exhaust.
CompletePowerflex bush kit fitted front & rear.
12v switch panel includes , 5 switches for lights , 2 x usb charging points , 12vcigarette lighter plug.
Interior led lights with individual switches , sound lights which react to noise / music.
240v hook-up , 2 x 240v plugs , 240v extra long cable.
240v plug in heater included , ( safety cut - out button underneath ).
300watt solar largestavailable.
200amp rear battery runs from solar panel.
Khyham sleeper tent (4 birth) with inner sleeping area included in sale.
Van spec:
Twin slide doors ( rare ) , Heated front screen ( very rare) , Air con ( may need re-gas ) , Full Projektzwo body kit £4k new ( very rare ) , Central locking , Electric front windows , sliding side windows , rear parking sensors just need connecting , twin rear barn doors. Power steering , Pop-up roof , Recaro front seats , passenger captains seat , longwheel base extra room overswbfeels much bigger.
Factory Vw Caravelle windows all round very good driving visibility for parking , van 18ft long .
Black Alcantara cushions nice & soft with 4 inch foam for good bed , extra material / carpet / glue included for any additions made.
Maintained to a very high standard ,Full service history in file ,All mot's ,Lots of money spent on Engine conversion, Modifications,Upgrades.
Lots of spare parts included in sale , 3 boxesincludes : extra seat belts , various sensors , spare fan , etc.
Please ask any questions , Uk only.
£17, 000.00 or near offer.
Please use the offer button as you never know a good offer maybe accepted.
Sold as seen so come and have a look so price can be discussed , lower reserve , so make a bid you never know.
Any viewings call : John , [hidden information] or text for any extra info.
Possible .... P/x .... Audi S1 , must have Pan roof , Heated sport seats , try me. ( P/x Up or down on price ) .

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Item Information

Item ID: 237197
Sale price: $ 0
Car location: Bristol, United Kingdom
Last update: 11.10.2021
Views: 7
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Vw T4 Projektzwo Caravelle 2.5 tdi 151bhp engine conversion lwb Camper van rare.
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