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XH v8 panel van, Very tidy, no rust, free delivery Syd/Bris/Melb

$ 19084

Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Body Type:Van
For Sale by:Private Seller
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Seller Description

XH v8 panel van.Currently unregistered.
Van is a converted 6but has the nsw rego papers with the v8 listed on them.
New tyres & 12 slotters.Extremely tidy interior(Will update pics later).
New twin systemNew suspensionNew bushes, the list goes on.
Runs & drives fine.Highly collectable.
Bidding starts at 15k.If it doesn't sell she can go back in the shed.
Vans located near Port Macquarie on the mid north coast nsw.It can be viewed/picked up from there.Alternatively I will pay for the transport to get the van to you if youre in other areas (eg:Brisbane, Sydney or Melborne).Transport will be via Williamsons Transport, or let me know if you have a preferred carrier.
This van may be removed at any time unless bids are recieved or circumstances change.
Thanks for looking!

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Item Information

Item ID: 219278
Sale price: $ 19084
Car location: Wauchope, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 10.06.2021
Views: 4
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XH v8 panel van, Very tidy, no rust, free delivery Syd/Bris/Melb
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