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Yamaha BeeWee 100 Scooter (YW100 2 stroke)

$ 481

Yamaha BeeWee 100 Scooter (YW100 2 stroke) for Sale
Yamaha BeeWee 100 Scooter (YW100 2 stroke) for SaleYamaha BeeWee 100 Scooter (YW100 2 stroke) for Sale
Date of Manufacture:02/2009
For sale by:Private seller
Registration Number:QSA43
Model:YW100 - BeeWee
Start Type:Combo
Drive Type:Belt
Engine Capacity (cc):100
Number of Previous Owners:1
Product Type:Scooters
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####  Relisting this time with no reserve.  ####
Great little stroke scooter, still goes very well although it has done few k's commuting to work and now am done with the commute so she has to go, has some superficial fading of plastics and front cowling little damaged/cracked and little bit of surface rust here and there, rear blinkers work but taped up as the stems are damaged..

Not too bad for it's age overall (Shown in the Photos)

Rego till 8th October 2018 and Tyres still have plenty of k's in them.

Spares include new rear tyre, complete front wheel with near new tyre, 2nd hand drive belt and few other bits..

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Sale price: $ 481
Motorcycle location: Caringbah, NSW, Australia
Last update: 23.05.2018
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Yamaha BeeWee 100 Scooter (YW100 2 stroke)
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