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Yamaha RD250 350 UK Bike matching numbers

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Seller Description

Yamaha rd250
I brought the bike a few years and it’s not been used, it’s been started regularly but not ridden, I’ll get it checked over & mot before auction end
It’s how I brought it, done about 20miles on rebuild including the engine. It’s fitted with 350 barrels the original 250 barrels are included in the sale
Matching frame and engine number
Uk Registered March 1981
One key fits all the locks although comes out ignition when switched on
There is some pitting on 1 fork legI’ve some how chipped the paint above the rear shock (see pic)
Viewing welcomeSouthend, Essex
More pictures videos available if required,I know a good motorcycle courier Who will deliver nationwide
Cash on collection or bank transferOn 25-Jan-21 at 21:19:33 GMT, seller added the following information:There’s been lots of messages so this is to answer a few,
No I don’t have the original exhaust
There is no centre Stand (the frame mounts are still in place)
I took the bike up the road yesterday, runs fine pulled well through the gears
There is NO buy it now winner buys the bikeOn 26-Jan-21 at 13:55:46 GMT, seller added the following information:I’ve been asked a few times now about inside the tank, its very clean with no damage, NO tank sealant, it’s in original conditionThe key does not come out the ignition when switched on as I said earlier,it comes out when in park lol
I’ll make a video if anyone want to see it let me knowOn 28-Jan-21 at 16:36:33 GMT, seller added the following information:MOT done today,
if I’ve missed anyone’s questions let me knowThanks
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Item ID: 209402
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: southend on sea, United Kingdom
Last update: 7.04.2021
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Yamaha RD250 350 UK Bike matching numbers
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