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Yamaha RD400C 1978 S Reg Historic tax matching numbers spares repair project

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Seller Description

Yamaha RD400C 1978 S Reg Historic matching
numbers project.
I bought this bike eleven years ago with a view to a
complete restoration, but I always really wanted an ?E’ and now I have one so
this can be moved on as the basis for a total restoration project.
The bike is a 1976 ?400C’ model but was registered in
January 1978 and is on an ?S’ registration plate.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
I have the V5 in my name and it has been
converted to the Historic taxation class.
The motorcycle is about 60% complete but many of the parts
are in need of complete restoration.
The engine and frame numbers are low and matching.
The frame is straight and in good condition.
The engine has a crankshaft but no pistons. One of the barrels has some damage to the
skirt which could be resolved with a new cylinder liner. The bottom end is complete with gearbox
shafts, clutch assembly, kick start shaft and gears selectors all present and
in fair condition. The heads and the fins are all good.
There is some damage to the upper crankcase with part of the
upper engine mounting section broken away but this could be repaired with a
donor crankcase and a decent welder. There
is a bodge repair to the upper right clutch cover where the oil pump hoses go
The front forks are complete and functional but badly
pitted. The front mudguard is a pattern item.
Other parts present are the battery box, the air box, the
two-stroke oil tank, the headlamp brackets, the horn, the rear sub-frame, mudguard
and rear light bracket, a pair of very old Marzocchi rear shocks and the throttle
Electrically the whole loom with the fuse box and the
regulator is there although no rectifier. I have not tested any of the
electrical components. Also present are the right side switch gear, both coils
but no HT leads. The contact breaker
assembly is present but one of the charging coils is missing.
The instrument bracket is not correct for a ?C’ which
suggests that the top yoke is different also. The glass on the speedometer is misted up and
I do not know whether it or the Rev counter works. There is some damage to the warning light
indicator lens.
Both front and rear brake discs are good and both brake
calipers are present along with the rear brake cylinder and reservoir. All the seals in these brake parts will need
to be renewed. The rear brake pedal is present.
The tank is free from dents but has some scratches and a
small hole underneath on one side which will need a weld repair.
Both tyres are very old and will need to be replaced. The wheels are sound and the wheel bearings
move freely.
The bike is in Westbury in Wiltshire and can be collected at
any time as I am retired and always home.
Please study the photographs carefully as they form part of
the description and feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I will not be posting a ?Buy it now’ price
for the bike. The bidding starts at £1000 and there is no reserve.
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Item ID: 213331
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Motorcycle location: Westbury, United Kingdom
Last update: 3.05.2021
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Yamaha RD400C 1978 S Reg Historic tax matching numbers spares repair project
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