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Yamaha RZ 350

$ 1970

For sale by:Private seller


Firstly disclaimer some of you will have seen this advertised recently. Sadly the successful buyer actually wanted an original RZ 350, but with the appealing 'hot bits' of this bike...but then realised to make it original would cost more than an original. Rather than have an unhappy buyer agreed to keep it.
To summarise, this was basically built to be race bike, but then subsequently registered as an historic road bike when other circumstances in my life changed.  It has fully rebuilt motor (crank/rods, pistons, seals) plus porting by Powerflow Nth Geelong, as well as hand made expansion chambers. TZR forks/wheels and brakes. New front rotor. Custom made inlet manifolds. Rear shock is Showa from Honda CBR 600, which is fully adjustable.  Re-sprung to match RZ weight. New Lithium battery. New 34mm Mikunis with K&N filters.  Lightweight alloy kick starter. Quick drain coolant plate. Workshop and parts manuals.  Fairing and head stem brackets included.
The good super fast RZ and with tractable low down power, with light weight and much better suspension than normal RZ. And think it looks fantastic in Kawasaki green. Ride it around the Reefton Spur or the Old Pacific Hwy or equivalent in other states, do ride days or take it period racing, but please don't bid if you want an original RZ350.The not so good this is not and never again will be an original unmolested RZ 350. got rid of most of the original bits years ago!  If you don't like purple wheels you will have to respray them. It runs on premix, so if you want to ride more than around 200 kilometres you better take another 100ml of stroke oil and add more fuel during your ride, but suspect none of you will want to take this bike touring :)  And the ignition switch is an on/off switch.  have the original ignition switch but haven't fitted as would need to make an extra bracket (and added weight). Engine doesn't stop running when switch off via toggle switch, so think need another earth. Tacho also not fitted, but have one to include.  
For the starting price think this is pretty fair (unless you want an unmolested RZ). the engine, carbies, filters, expansion chambers, rear shock etc alone would cost you this much to build, let alone the time and money spent on getting the shock spacers made, steering head etc and the bike tuned to run as well as it does.  Hard work has been done, now it is to someone else to make it their own.  haven't done great job on the speedo bracket hopefully the new owner has better skills than me.
Of course inspection and test ride is very welcome.
I am happy to meet with bike transporters if you are unable to pick up in person.

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Sale price: $ 1970
Motorcycle location: West Footscray, VIC, Australia
Last update: 9.06.2018
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Yamaha RZ 350
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