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2000 Yamaha V Max Used 1200L

$ 0

Model:V Max
Independent Vehicle Inspection:Yes
Modified Item:No
Gears:Five-speed manual
Engine Size:1200
Capacity (cc):1198
Number of Manual Gears:Five-speed
V5 Registration Document:Present
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Seller Description

Yamaha v max 1200 Full Power 2000 Model Professional 17 inch wheel conversion with Black Powder Coated wheels good tyres All break line Braided incl clutch Rear wave rotor disc Upgrade Front &Rear Suspension high Handelbar special gripe Knee plates Sport exhaust new sounds great windshield Original Belly pan Sissy Bar plus rack it’s all working fine ready for next mot. That I will do when the bike is sold to no extra cost it is a nice looking bike Any inspection welcome just email for any information

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Item Information

Item ID: 209039
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: Waterlooville, Denmead, United Kingdom
Last update: 5.04.2021
Views: 5
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2000 Yamaha V Max Used 1200L
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