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Yamaha XJ 600

$ 741

Yamaha XJ 600 for Sale
Yamaha XJ 600 for SaleYamaha XJ 600 for Sale
Date of Manufacture:10/1991
For sale by:Private seller
Type:Sports Touring
Model:XJ 600
Start Type:Electric start
Engine Capacity (cc):600
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This bike is advertised elsewhere and may be removed at any time. Offers excepted via message. This was a project, had plans to get my license and go riding with my brother. Just going to stick to my dirt bike
Bike has had basically a full rebuildDescription of works been done below

Front Fork Seal/Dust kit

Steering Head Bearing Set

Front Wheel Bearing Set

Starter Clutch Gear,

 Idler Gear+Pin,

Rear Shock,

Carbs Cleaned


Tail Light,

Timing Covers,

F/R Brake Disc,

Front Sprocket,

Rear Sprocket

Front Fork Outer Bush

Front Fork Inner Bush

Shims (valve adjustments)

Engine Gasket Kit

Crank Oil-Seal

Crankshaft Seal #2

Crankcase O-ring - Oil Pin

Crankcase O-ring - Dowel Guide

Crankcase Gasket Maker


New CrankCase Bolts


Front Sprocket NUT

Paint Primer - Cans

Paint Flat Black - Cans

Paint - Clear Satin top coat

Paint - Frame Primer (rustguard)

Throttle Cables & Fuel Filter

Caliper Repair Kits Front & Back

Fuel Petcock Repair Kit

Tail Fairing Centre Piece

Oil & Spark Plugs

Chain Guard

Fuel Petcock

Fuel Pump


Ignition Switch

Gas Cap

Fuel Hose

Clutch Replacement Kit

Clutch Springs Yamaha

Chain Oring 520

Item information

Sale price: $ 741
Motorcycle location: Miranda, NSW, Australia
Last update: 1.07.2018
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Yamaha XJ 600
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