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Yamaha xt 660z tenere 2015

$ 0

Engine Size:660
Gears:Five-speed manual

Seller Description

Yamaha xt 660 tenere, Dakar replica, hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds spent on this stunning bike, 6k miles only, 65reg, good condition, paint missing under O/S plastic tank panel with stickers on, MOT, Excel gold rims, stainless spokes,wavey discs, pro taper bars,bar risers,3 way leavers,Acerbic hand gaurds, X2 headlight gaurd,givi bars, uprated suspension, professional Paint, bespoke double exhaust, bespoke sump gaurd, bespoke side panels ( high tensile) alloy,LED indecators, LED brake light,WR foot rests, heel, double clutch cable,tool pack, tyres 70%good, unmolested standard engine, Quality chain and sprocket,custom seat, phone mount, standard unmolested engine standard air filter, and much much more, Yamaha UK called it a superb Dakar replica in a article they posted.... PLEASE BE AWARE,. This is a auction,. You bid ,you win , you pay, you collect,. No I don't want a trade in or swap, NO I will not ship, viewing welcome at a safe place, please message me for more information.thanks ๐Ÿ? please study pictures, this bike WILL NOT BE LISTED AGAIN.
Information about Yamaha XT for sale on this page. See price and photos of the XT Yamaha
.๐Ÿ‘***( for those who are asking the rear side panels that the exhausts silencers are fastened to are super strong high tensile alloy, exhaust system is fixed solid and secure.๐Ÿ‘)

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Item ID: 218789
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: matlock, United Kingdom
Last update: 7.06.2021
Views: 3
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Yamaha xt 660z tenere 2015
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