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yz250 jeremy lusk afmxa bike signed by all mulisha

Date of Manufacture:20
Number of Previous Owners:2
Type:Motorcross (Off-Road)
Start Type:Kick start
Engine Capacity (cc):250
For sale by:Private seller
Product Type:Classic, Collector Bikes
Drive Type:Chain
:“very good”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Up for sale is Jeremy lusks afmxa yz250 . This bike was on display at the fmx museum in san diego . Jeremy rode multiple comps on this bike and was kept and purchased from brian deegan (The General) of metal mulisha . The bike itself presents as imaculate condition and will run and ride if need be but the bike has always been kept on display and not ridden . Front plate is signed by all metal mulisha (deegan , fiasst , urek , ox , twitch , scummy , todd potter , jimmy fitspatrick), pro circuit pipe and muffler GPR steering damper , Enzo suspention ect . Bike was shipped here to Australia where it sits inside on display . Can assist with worldwide shipping .

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Item Information

Item ID: 153583
Motorcycle location: Bacchus Marsh, VIC, Australia
Last update: 6.05.2020
Views: 141
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yz250 jeremy lusk afmxa bike signed by all mulisha
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