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Chrysler Vision cars for sale. Our listings includes vehicles from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Use this search form to find the vehicle that you need. Chrysler well known by the Vision model. All Chrysler models you can see here. ↓↓↓

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The Chrysler Vision (Eagle Vision) is a full-size front-wheel drive sports sedan that was marketed by Chrysler under the Eagle brand in 1993 (it was marketed under the Chrysler brand in Europe). This model replaced the car called the Eagle Premier. The Eagle Vision was similar to the likes of the Dodge Intrepid, Chrysler Concorde, Chrysler LHS and Chrysler New Yorker as they were all based on the Chrysler LH platform. The debut of the Vision sedan took place in 1992 at the International South American Auto Show in Detroit. The design of the Chrysler Vision model was inspired by the populara concept car from Lamborghini called Portofino, which was presented at the show in 1987. As with all vehicles on the LH platform, the wheelbase of the Eagle Vision was 2,870 mm. The sedan is 5,121 mm long, 1,890 mm wide and 1,430 mm high.

For the Chrysler Vision car, the same engines were offered as for the first generation of the Chrysler Concorde model: a 3.3-liter V6 EGA engine with 162 hp. and a 3.5-liter EGJ V6 power unit with 214 hp. As for the transmission, a 4-speed automatic was used.a gear (popular at the time among Chrysler cars).

It is worth noting that there were two options for the Chrysler Vision car configuration: the basic ESi (a 3.3-liter engine was used) and the maximum TSi (a 3.5-liter engine), which included options such as leather interior, including steering wheel trim, seat ventilation, armrest for rear passengers, as well as additional interior lighting. In 1995, the list of options was replenished with an electric drive for side mirrors and windows, as well as a stereo cassette radio. In the same year sincea 3.5 liter sludge unit is now available as an option for the ESi version.

In 1996, a semi-automatic transmission was offered for the TSi version. Shifting was carried out by tilting the lever to the right and left, raising or lowering the gear.

During the period of production of the Chrysler Vision model from 1993 to 1997, about 105,000 vehicles were sold. By 1998, Chrysler planned to redesign vehicles based on the LH platform. As a result, sales of the Vision model continued until September 1997, as an updated version was expected to be released.this car. However, later, Chrysler decided to complete the production of cars under the names "Vision" and "Talon", in order to get rid of the existing brand "Eagle" along with these models. The new Vision version was named the Chrysler 300M, which was introduced in 1999.

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