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Today are available 9 Used Citroen C3 cars for sale. Our listings includes vehicles from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Use this search form to find the vehicle that you need. Citroen well known by the C3 model. All Citroen models you can see here. citroen for sale in Australia

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2008 58'reg Citroen C3 1.4i 8v VTR **45,000 ...

£ 1899
United Kingdom

2008 58reg Citroen C3 1.4i 8v VTR **45,000 miles**

Details about 2013 Citroen C3 Vtr Plus Picasso 1.4 Mpv ...

United Kingdom

Details about 2013 Citroen C3 Vtr Plus Picasso 1.4 Mpv Petrol Manual


£ 13895
United Kingdom


2011 Citroen C3 A5 Exclusive Hatchback 5dr Spts Auto 4sp ...

AUD $ 6929

2011 Citroen C3 A5 Exclusive Hatchback 5dr Spts Auto 4sp 1.6i White Sports Automatic Hatchback

  • Mileage: 58519.58
  • Transmission: Automatic
2015 Citroen C3 PureTech 68 VT 5 Door Hatchback Petrol Manual 32k

2015 Citroen C3 PureTech 68 VT 5 Door Hatchback Petrol ...

United Kingdom

2015 Citroen C3 PureTech 68 VT 5 Door Hatchback Petrol Manual 32k

  • Year: 2015
  • Mileage: 32600
  • Transmission: Manual
2008 Citroen C3 MY08 HDi Blue Manual 5sp M Hatchback

2008 Citroen C3 MY08 HDi Blue Manual 5sp M Hatchback ...

AUD $ 2940

2008 Citroen C3 MY08 HDi Blue 5 Speed Manual Hatchback

  • Mileage: 61513.98
  • Fuel type: Diesel
  • Transmission: Manual
2004 Citroen C3 1.4 HDi 16v **** Dual Controlled Vehicle ****

2004 Citroen C3 1.4 HDi 16v **** Dual Controlled Vehicle ...

United Kingdom

Welcome to this auction for my dual controlled Citroen C3 1.4 diesel. This would make an excellent reserve driving school vehicle for when your main teaching vehicle is off the road for repairs etc. Overall the car is in good clean condition and drives perfectly well with no problems.As you can see

  • Year: 2004
  • Mileage: 96000
  • Transmission: Manual
Citroen C3  Desire 2005

Citroen C3 Desire 2005

United Kingdom

Drives beautifully, great little runabout. 5 speed manual. No knocks or noises.5 door hatchback. 5 seatbelts. Very clean unmarked upholstery. Loads of new/recent parts fitted including:- - New rear shock absorbers (advisory on MOT) - New front brake discs and pads - All new tyres - New battery -

  • Year: 2005
  • Mileage: 120000
  • Transmission: Manual
2011 Citroen C3 A5 Exclusive HDi Hatchback 5dr Man 5sp 1.6DT Red Manual M

2011 Citroen C3 A5 Exclusive HDi Hatchback 5dr Man 5sp ...

AUD $ 5387

2011 Citroen C3 A5 Exclusive HDi Hatchback 5dr Man 5sp 1.6DT Red Manual Hatchback

  • Transmission: Manual
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In autumn 2001, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Citroen presented a completely new generation of cars called the C3. This generation replaces the outdated Saxo family and represents the French manufacturer in such a popular car sector as the B class.

The appearance of the production car was preceded by the concept car Citroen C3 Lumiere, presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1998. The C3 Lumiere had a body that lacked the B-pillar and the doors swung open in opposite directions. Opened no less originalThere is also a tailgate that folds in half. The roof was made up of seven translucent slats, which could be pulled back electrically. The creators also approached optics creatively. An example of this is the taillights, which went almost to the roof and were an integral part of the rear body pillars. The exterior mirrors also had an unusual shape.

During the transition to a serial model, all this was lost due to the high cost, impracticality and complexity of implementation in mass production. But some nuances are all rightand passed to C3 by inheritance. For example, the proportions are very high (1520 mm) for a length of 3850 mm. This allowed the designers to make a high landing, as a result, quite a lot of space at the knees.

Separately, mention should be made of the design of the windshield. It is multi-layered, and one of the layers has the ability to refract and reflect the sun's rays, which reduces the temperature on the surface of the front panel by 300 and protects the air in the cabin from excessive overheating on hot days. The sunroof is an option. It consists of two panelsand sliding shutters between them.

The line of power units is represented by two four-cylinder turbodiesels with direct fuel injection of the new generation. These engines are a joint development of PSA (Peugeot + Citroёn) and Ford. They have the same volume of 1.4 liters, but differ in the number of valves per cylinder and in the design of the turbochargers. Hence the different power - 70 or 92 hp. Power units are distinguished by economical fuel consumption (3l / 100 km), good dynamics, quiet operation and full compliance with environmental requirements.yyam.

The range of gasoline engines, with three units: 1.1 l / 61 hp, 1.4 l / 75 hp, 1.6 l / 110 hp. At the very beginning of production, the C3s were produced only with a manual transmission, but soon the automatic version joined the ranks. True, this gearbox is combined with only one engine - a 1.4-liter gasoline engine.

Front brakes - disc, rear - drum. Front suspension: independent McPherson type on triangular lower levers, spring with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers. Transverse stabilizer. Rear suspension:semi-independent, spring, with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers.

The creators have not forgotten about safety either. Citroen C3 is equipped with ABS, Brake Assist and a brake force distribution system. There are six airbags: two frontal, and the navigational airbag can be blocked, two side airbags built into the backs of the front seats, and two inflatable curtains. In addition, the front seat belts are height adjustable and have pyrotechnic pretensioners with actuation force limiters, and the steering column is equippedbody block system, that is, it has the ability to deflect by 50 mm in the event of a collision and thereby protect the driver's chest.

The steering mechanism received an electric amplifier. The gain varies according to the driving speed. When driving at high speeds, the effort on the steering wheel increases, and at low speeds, on the contrary, it decreases.

The exterior of the C3 is original. The car looks stylish and modern, it is instantly recognizable by the arched front and rear pillars that go overon to the other, while inheriting the style from the legendary 2CV. In the same vein, the designers approached the interior trim. The speedometer, tachometer and control lamps are collected in one compact unit, and at the same time, each of the devices simply amazes with the originality of the solution. The tachometer, for example, is made in the form of a semicircular scale above the digital speedometer, and the engine speed is shown by a small red arrow that moves along this scale.

In 2004, Citroen introduced a "charged" version of the C3 hatchback, which was named Citroen C3 VTR. ThisThe model differs from the base one by a more powerful engine and a dynamic, aggressive design.

The exterior features body-colored side moldings, fog lights integrated into the front bumper, 16-inch alloy wheels and a chrome tailpipe trim.

The interior features dark gray trim inserts and a new steering wheel trim.

Under the hood, the C3 VTR is powered by a 110-horsepower 1.6-liter petrol engine. Which is aggregated with a mechanical five-speed gearboxgear.

Also in 2004, at the Vienna Motor Show, a version of the C3 XTR was presented, which is designed for outdoor enthusiasts. She received enlarged wheel arches, a wide black radiator grille and black bumpers, 15-inch alloy wheels, fog lights and increased ground clearance.

Other features of the novelty include a panoramic glass roof, which can be shifted using electric drives, as well as special rollings on the roof, with which you can transport mountain bikes or surfboards. The cabin of the C3 XTR is just as spacious as the C3, with more room for various little things. The luggage compartment with a volume of 279 liters due to the folded rear row seats can be increased to 1155 liters, and it provides a system of space dividers, in case things need to be put separately from each other.

The interior is finished in two colors, and all the seats are upholstered with a special moisture-resistant material from which dirt can be easily removed. The dashboard has a button to lock the rear doors. In the baseThe C3 XTR is equipped with: electric side mirrors, CD-player, "seeing-off" headlights, electric windows and an on-board computer.

The safety system includes: ABS, EBD (brake force distribution) and Emergency Braking Assistance, four airbags and automatic locking of the trunk lid and doors when starting to move.

The C3 XTR is equipped with a 90-horsepower 1.4i 16V petrol or a 92-horsepower 1.4HDi 16V diesel.

The premiere of the updated C3 took place in the fall at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. Before the Russian storeThe Citroen C3 made it to the summer of 2010. Creating a new generation, the brand's engineers set themselves a difficult task - to bring together all the best that was already in the car, but at the same time to make it even more perfect. The Citroen C3 2010 builds on the all-new PSA front-wheel drive platform. Keeping a tribute to fashion, Citroen C3 has grown in size (9 cm in length - up to 3941 mm, 6 cm in width - up to 1728 mm, and almost 2 cm in height - up to 1538 mm, its base is 2466 mm). The C3 2010 can turn around on a 10.2 meter circle. Drag coefficienttions Cd = 0.30.

The novelty retains the main features of the previous C3, and in what way, it adopts the style of new models from Citroen, for example, the front end of the body of the DS3 concept and the design of the rear optics of the C5 model. Despite the fact that the car retains the rounded shape inherent in the previous model, it no longer seems small. Designer "tricks" - it is their intervention that creates the feeling that the C3 2010 has become much larger. The clearly legible, stamped body lines push forward, giving the impression of dynamism and visually lengthening the vehicle. NSStrict techniques of automotive design allowed to preserve the overall visual concept, but at the same time were able to change the overall impression of the exterior of the Citroen C3.

The front of the car looks very aggressive. Powerful air intake, combined with boomerang headlights and a massive new badge, press the front of the car to the ground and bring a sporty touch to the exterior. Chrome details have appeared on door handles, windshield wipers, rear-view mirrors and an exhaust pipe. For all its assertive externalBut the car looks friendly, bright and does not look like any of its classmates.

The main highlight in the design of the C3 body is the Zenith panoramic windshield (optional, its height is 135 cm, glass with a height of 92 cm is offered as standard). Smoothly flowing onto the roof of a compact car, it not only adds charm, but also carries a functional purpose. The panoramic windshield fills the interior with additional light and visually expands it. Above the passengers' heads, the glass is slightly darkened, protecting from the sun, then pthe opacity changes smoothly and the glass is absolutely transparent for looking at the road.

Thanks to the increase in size and the lengthened wheelbase, the interior of the 5-seater Citroen C3 has become more spacious. First of all, it is worth noting that the manufacturer fought literally for every cubic and square centimeter of the interior space of the new Citroen C3. The front panel was made to rise slightly, thereby increasing the passenger legroom. But thanks to this maneuver, the passenger sitting in front can move eight centimeters relative to the waters.while maintaining a comfortable fit and freeing up additional space for the rear rider. Comfort in the second row was also influenced by the shape and location of the front seats. The front seats have been reduced in thickness by three centimeters and raised. This solution added space for the knees and provided the ability to stretch your legs if necessary, thanks to the resulting free space under the chair. Moreover, the procedures performed did not in any way affect the quality of the seats and the convenience of getting on the wheel.

ChuvsCitroën engineers are said to have made every effort to work on the interior. Special praise deserves a steering wheel with a sloping bottom, thoughtful ergonomics of the dashboard, controls, decent quality of materials and finishing work. The steering wheel has special recesses for the palm pads, which makes the grip strong enough, and is not overloaded with the control buttons, which are placed on a separate block. The driver's seat and the front passenger seat have a lot of adjustments that will easily allow the deviceit is convenient to sit.

The front panel of the Citroen C3 Visiodrive also looks very peculiar. Instead of analog-digital (linear or arc-shaped) indicators usual for the French brand, an ergonomic group of 3 hand dials is in front of the driver's eyes. Control switches for on-board infotainment systems are at hand. The car is well equipped in terms of multimedia - USB ports, iPod compatibility, MP3 reading, surround sound system, MyWay navigation system.

The trunk of Citroen C3 has also increased: with a full landing, pIn places, the luggage compartment capacity is 287 liters, and the width is 104 cm. The height of the luggage compartment sill has dropped by almost 23 centimeters, as a result - more convenient loading. If desired, in order to increase the volume of the luggage compartment, you can apply the transformation of the rear seats in a ratio of 2/3 or 1/3. This is done quite simply - with one movement from the trunk or tailgate. Then the volume of usable space increases to almost 1000 liters.

The C3 hatchback is supplied to the Russian market exclusively with gasoline enginesjointly developed with BMW. Three engines are offered to it: 1.4 liters (75 and 95 hp) and 1.6 liters (120 hp). The first two work in tandem with a 5-speed mechanics, and the most powerful in the lineup can also be aggregated with a four-speed automatic. All engines comply with the Euro V standard. Thanks to the use of a new electric amplifier and a modernized rear beam, the car has become more collected and responsive to control.

Citroen C3 2010 is offered in three modifications: the simplest Dynamique, and two more advanced Tendance and Exclusive. Model make upt compete with cars such as the Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Polo, Renault Clio and Fiat Grande Punto.

At the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, Citroen unveiled a restyled version of the second generation of the C3 compact hatchback. The updated Citroen C3 has received a number of minor changes in the interior and exterior. Slightly updated at the front, slightly at the rear, improved the quality of the trim and added a new line of three-cylinder engines. But together, the updates made the car field attractive both externally and technically.

The main changes fell on the front hPart of the car. The hatchback received a slightly modified bumper, in which there was a place for two LED daytime running lights, located just above the fog lights. The false radiator grille has also been updated, which has become much more voluminous and more modern. At the rear, the structure of the lanterns has changed slightly, new reflectors have appeared on the bumper and the shape of the moldings has changed. Also, a new body color is offered for the car - Ink blue (ink blue).

There are fewer changes in the cabin - updates were mainly received by the instrument panel trimaneli. The panel has retained its layout, but the color scheme of its design has changed, and additional illumination has appeared on the dashboard, designed to improve the readability of information. It should be noted that the quality of finishing materials has significantly improved, in which fabric upholstery still prevails, even in expensive trim levels. The list of possible options and colors for interior decoration has also expanded.

Two new three-cylinder engines from the Peugeot 208 model can be installed under the bonnet of the refreshed C3,namely a 1.0-liter with 68 hp. and a 1.2-liter with 82 hp. These low-volume units are capable of consuming only 4.3-4.5 liters of fuel per 100 km. The most powerful of the petrol engines will be the 1.6-liter petrol engine with 120 hp. Depending on the configuration, the Citroen C3 2013 is equipped with a 4-speed automatic transmission or a 5-speed manual transmission. The line of turbodiesels, consisting of four engines with a capacity of 70 to 115 horsepower, has not changed, but, as before, it will not be available to Russian buyers.

Basic set "Dinamique ”includes 15-inch steel wheels with decorative hubcaps, immobilizer, central locking, trip computer, basic audio preparation, front power windows, power mirrors, heated rear window and fabric seat upholstery. The more expensive version of "Tendance" is additionally equipped with an emergency braking system (AFU), side airbags, fog lights, height-adjustable seats, air conditioning, leather steering wheel, audio system with 4 speakersseat trim with more expensive Fyber fabric. And finally, the most advanced equipment "Exclusive" offers the buyer a panoramic Zenith windshield, a dynamic stabilization system, a front armrest with two additional compartments for storing small items, heated front seats, automatic climate control with a charcoal filter, an audio system with USB and Bluetooth support, rear parking sensors, chrome side handles, 16-inch wheels and velor seat upholstery.

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