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Citroen C6 cars for sale. Our listings includes vehicles from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Use this search form to find the vehicle that you need. Citroen well known by the C6 model. All Citroen models you can see here. citroen for sale in Australia

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Even before the debut, the Citroen C6 was given the honorary role of the flagship of the French brand's lineup. The C6 sedan was first presented to the general public in the spring of 2005 at the Paris Motor Show.

The production version borrows many exterior elements from the Lignage concept, which the company introduced in 1999.

The C6 is built on the PF3 platform. To reduce production costs, about 60% of the car's components are borrowed from other PSA models, including the Citroen C5 and Peugeot 607.

All Citroen models are distinguished by their original, unique and memorableXia appearance, but the C6 is a masterpiece of creative design ideas. The look of the novelty turned out to be bold and avant-garde, elegant and graceful, respectable and stylish.

With the release of the C6, the French company returns to the executive car class. Prior to this, Citroen was represented by the XM model, which was discontinued in 2000.

The flowing body lines of the Citroen C6 create a beautiful silhouette and are perfectly combined with the carefully thought out, ergonomic interior.

Like creating a picture from a mosaic, the C6 was created from many stylistic tricks of Citroen.This is confirmed by such signature features of the French brand as body proportions, roofline and rounded wheel arches. A long overhang in the front and a short overhang in the rear, create a collective image of a powerful coupe and a prestigious hatchback. Completeness of the image is given by a wide radiator grille with an enlarged chrome emblem, headlights, as it were, flowing onto the fenders and a wide ribbed hood.

The long wheelbase gives the C6 an imposing look and a spacious interior. Swift profile and good aerodynamicstechnical indicators speak about stability on the road and excellent dynamics of the car.

The body length of 4.92 meters puts the Citroen C6 next to such giants as the Mercedes-Bens S-class or the Audi A6. But the futuristic design of the car is beyond competition.

The glazing of the car is combined with the convex line of the roof vault, which goes into the C-pillars, which is typical for coupé-type bodies. The body style similarity is further enhanced by the frameless doors.

Particularly unusual is the design of the C6's rear end with a strongly angled rearpillar, a large triangular window between the pillar and the tailgate, as well as unusual taillights of complex shape. The concave rear window extends to the luggage compartment flap, thus completing the silhouette of the body and also providing natural lighting to the interior. Another highlight of the C6 is the automatic high-speed rear spoiler. The salon will delight passengers with spaciousness, comfort and coziness. The dashboard is made of expensive and solid material. The spacious C6 seats are anatomically shaped andprovide the most comfortable accommodation for passengers.

Innovative technical solutions are present in the C6 quite widely.

The firm has proposed a new concept for the driver's seat, where a sleek instrument cluster is combined with a large Central Information Display and windshield display system. Thanks to this, the driver can follow the road and read traffic information: speed, navigation system data. Thus, this system makes a significant contribution to the field of activeth security.

It is especially worth noting that the C6 is equipped with an electric parking brake, which is exclusive to the Citroen range.

The line of power units consists of: a gasoline V6 with a volume of 3 liters, with a capacity of 215 liters. with. and a 2.7 liter HDi diesel engine with a capacity of 208 liters. with. The latter is equipped with a particulate filter. Both engines are equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

In addition, the novelty received an air suspension with electronic control of its operating modes, an advanced cruise control system (for front passengers- rear and right-left seats), a tracking system for road markings, parking sensors, turning lamps in the headlights and xenon headlights with the function of adjusting the light beam.

However, the French company does not count on high demand and is going to produce this car in small series. The media has already reported on Citroen's plans to create a coupe version based on the C6 in 2006, which will bear its own name C7.

In conclusion, as a historical fact, it remains to add that the model isExom C6 was already produced by Citroen in 1929-1932.

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