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Citroen C8 Cars For Sale

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Citroen C8 cars for sale. Our listings includes vehicles from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Use this search form to find the vehicle that you need. Citroen well known by the C8 model. All Citroen models you can see here. citroen for sale in Australia

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The Citroen C8 debuted at the 2002 Geneva Motor Show. He came to replace the Evasion model developed by PSA Peugeot Citroёn in cooperation with Fiat in 1994. The car is a convenient and comfortable minivan, perfect for a large family. A reliable assistant not only for transporting passengers, but also cargo. Like its predecessor, the C8 is a joint brainchild of the PSA concern. The appearance of the car turned out to be modern and distinctive. Large integral headlights, vertical "garlands" of taillights, a huge handle on the fifth door - all this is possiblerubs effectively.

Citroen C8 has become longer, taller and wider than its predecessor. The increase in size has made it possible to create a spacious roomy cabin, which can comfortably accommodate up to eight passengers, plus luggage. The basic version has five passenger seats, but an eight-seat modification can be made on request - with two three-seat "sofas" in the back. The main feature of this car is its innovative interior transformation system. The rear seats are equipped with an unusual Quickfix for quick releaseinstall the seats, as well as move them around the cabin and turn them 180 degrees. Side doors are sliding and have an electric drive. Moreover, they can be controlled not only from the driver's or passenger's seat, but also remotely, from the key.

Originality and interior design cannot be denied. In the cabin, eyes literally run up: both from the unusual design, and from the many compartments, cup holders and shelves. So, for example, on the dashboard there are only a few functional buttons that allow you to fully control equipment thatthe eye is equipped with a car. The dominant place is occupied by the speedometer and tachometer. In front of the driver, on the steering column, there is a small visor with an electronic odometer and indicator lamps.

On the center console there is a gearbox "joystick", a microclimate control panel with a clear display and large buttons for separate temperature control - for the driver and right-hand passenger, and a "rear" button, which turns on additional fans in the rear of the cabin. By the way, the C8 has four-zone climate control. For folding pieceA radio tape recorder with a CD-player is hidden on the console. There is also a changer - in the glove compartment. There are three drawers here - besides the main one, there are two additional ones with covers on top of the front panel. One of them has cells for compact discs.

The driver's seat has a high seating position and excellent ergonomics. Two steering column adjustments and a wide range of vertical adjustment of the seat will provide comfortable seating for the driver of any configuration.

If you remove all the seats except the front two, you get a flat cargo compartment.with a volume of 2948 liters. Luggage capacity is 480 liters as standard. There is also a special luggage net in the trunk. It is quite sturdy, and if you hang it between the rear pillars of the body, you get a roomy "hammock", which, incidentally, will come in handy even with an empty trunk - you can store small things in it so that they do not roll around the trunk or the cabin. In general, the composition of the interior is very harmonious.

The engine lineup offers as many as five options: three gasoline displacements of 2.0 l / 138 hp, 2.2 l / 160 hp. and 3.0 V6 / 208 hp. (this is a power unitappeared only in 2003) and two HDi turbodiesels - 2.0 l / 110 hp. and 2.2 l / 136 hp.

With a three-liter engine, the C8 accelerates to 100 km / h in 11 seconds and has a top speed of 211 km / h. It is aggregated only with an automatic transmission.

Standard equipment includes ESP, ABS with EBD, six airbags, a tire pressure drop sensor and Parktronic.

Thanks to the multiplex wiring that makes it easier to install new devices, the owner of the C8 will be able to expand the list of different equipment without any problems.specific options.

Citroen C8 is available in four versions: LX, SX, Exclusive and the most luxurious - Exclusive Captain Chair. LX are equipped with petrol engines only. The SX is powered by turbo diesel engines. The C8 Exclusive is only available with a 2.2-liter petrol engine. As for the top version of the Exclusive Captain Chair, then the buyer will have a choice: to install a 2.2-liter gasoline engine or a 2.2-liter turbodiesel. A distinctive feature of this version is the luxurious leather interior.

Summarizing all of the above, it remains to add that C8 - ea practical, roomy, functional car with a spectacular design, literally created for comfortable trips around the city and family trips out of town.

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