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Today are available 3 Used Citroen DS3 cars for sale. Our listings includes vehicles from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Use this search form to find the vehicle that you need. Citroen well known by the DS3 model. All Citroen models you can see here. citroen for sale in Australia

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2019 Citroen ds3 crossback PRESTIGE 1.2 AUTO DAMAGED ...

United Kingdom


  • Year: 2019
  • Mileage: 11000
  • Transmission: Automatic
Citroen ds3 1.6 e-HDi Airdream Dstyle

Citroen ds3 1.6 e-HDi Airdream Dstyle

United Kingdom

citroen ds3 1.6 e-HDi Airdream Dstyle 3dr,6 months mot, been serviced,0 ROAD TAX,2 keys,a/con,remote central locking,cruise control,cd player,f/fog lights,height adjusted seat,eco mode,60mpg average,alloy wheels,service history,3 registed keeper,awesome cars gutted to sell.

  • Year: 2012
  • Mileage: 61000
Citroen ds3 1.6 e-HDi Airdream Dstyle

Citroen ds3 1.6 e-HDi Airdream Dstyle

United Kingdom

citroen ds3 1.6 e-HDi Airdream Dstyle 3dr,9 months mot,just been serviced,ВЈ0 ROAD TAX,2 keys,a/con,remote central locking,cruise control,cd player,f/fog lights,height adjusted seat,eco mode,60mpg average,alloy wheels,service history,3 registed keeper,awesome cars gutted to

  • Year: 2012
  • Mileage: 60118
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In 2009, the public was presented with the city car Citroën DS3, built on the basis of the C3 hatchback. By the way, DS is not a new name for Citroёn. That was the name of the icon of the French automotive industry, which was released in the 50s of the last century. Having revived the DS acronym, the company decided not to indulge in nostalgia: the followers of the legendary Citroen DS19 will have nothing to do with their predecessor. By the way, the French concern plans to release several models of different segments under the new brand. Following the compact Citroen DS3, the DS4 andDS5, corresponding to the C- and D-segment, respectively.

"Antiretro" - this is the slogan presented by the manufacturer DS3. If we talk about the technical characteristics of the car, then the indicators of length, width and height are 3.95 m, 1.71 m, and 1.46 m, respectively. The boot size is 285 liters and the glove compartment is 13 liters. On the front seats with developed lateral support, it is quite comfortable, and the rear passengers will be cramped, the space in the knee area and above the head is clearly not enough. Well, they do not create such cars with an eye on family values. NSif the inhabitants of the second row were not visible from the street, the French even tightly tinted the rear windows.

Citroen DS3 received a stylish, highly dynamic body, decorated with a monumental bumper. The manufacturer provides the broadest possibilities for configuring the appearance of the car. A wide variety of body colors and four roof shades add up to 38 vehicle color combinations. In addition, customers are offered a color-matched high-gloss front panel and two-tone lightweightsmooth 17-inch wheels. Citroën DS3 offers chrome or body-colored exterior mirror housings, as well as branded roof decals (for example, zebra or polka dots).

The interior is distinguished by high-quality finishes, informative instruments and logically located controls for various functions. There are eight types of dashboard decor, seven selector lever trims, three leather trim colors. In order not to get confused in this variety, you can use the ready-made pSession: Citroen designers have come up with seven win-win plot combinations of finishes.

The DS3's orienteering is evident in the powertrain lineup (the fruit of the Peugeot-Citroen and BMW collaboration). The DS3 line for Russia has 1.4 liters of gasoline. (95 liters. From.) And 1.6 liters. (120 hp) engines, 5-speed manual transmission or 4-speed automatic transmission (only for 120 hp), as well as a turbocharged version of 1.6 liters. (150 hp) with a 6-speed manual transmission. Diesel versions will not be supplied to us.

The standard equipment of the car includes ABS, stability control system and a distribution system.dividing traction; and six airbags. Instead of the expensive independent rear wheel suspension, the DS3 uses a semi-independent suspension on the trailing arms.

In 2010, an extreme version of the Citroën DS3 Racing was introduced, equipped with a turbocharged 1.6 liter VTi with 200 hp. On the basis of DS3, a specialized version of the car has been prepared for participation in the World Rally Championship. The power of this version is over 300 hp.

In the wake of the popularity of the DS3 hatchback, French productionThe installer decided to expand the range of bodies of this model, so the DS3 convertible version, which was presented at the Paris Motor Show in September 2012, saw the light.

The appearance of the convertible is almost completely similar to the hatchback version, if you do not take into account the presence of a folding fabric top, which may differ in color from the main body color. Another small difference between the convertible and the hatchback is the modified taillights. Citroen DS3 Cabrio has a large number of personal settings, so, for example, a potential ownerMore than nine different designs are available for 16- and 17-inch alloy wheels. There are also three new unique body colors available to the potential owner - black, blue and the Infini DS Monogramme.

Citroen DS3 Cabrio is not a convertible in the usual sense, since its pillars are stationary, and only the roof folds down. The fabric segment of the DS3 Cabrio occupies almost the entire center of the roof. By means of servos, it is able to drive back, going into an accordion, in 16 seconds. And this procedure can be performed quicklyspindles up to 120 km / h.

The roof can be folded in three positions. For example, you can free up space only above the front seats. The second option is to free the rear passengers from the roof. And finally, the third - to move the soft top completely, right up to the trunk lid. As with the hatchback, the manufacturer offers several different roof designs for the convertible. Their total number is ten.

Of course, the choice of this type of folding roof is dictated primarily by economic factors. Unification of Citroen DS3 Cabrio and basesThis hatchback is maximized, which means that production costs can be reduced. But this soft-top design has other significant advantages. Among them is the absence of the need for serious reinforcement of the body and the installation of a bulky folding roof drive mechanism.

For example, for the Citroen DS3 convertible, only the structure of the power frame at the rear of the car had to be changed. This is the key to the fact that the mass of the car remained approximately the same: the weight gain in the convertible was a modest 25 kg, which is threeturn less than is usually obtained when transforming a hatchback into a convertible. Almost did not subtract the open Citroёn DS3 2013 and in practicality. When installing the sliding curtain, it was not necessary to abandon the five-seater cabin, and the trunk volume is only 40 liters less than that of the hatchback (245 liters).

The interior design, to match the appearance of the car, a wide selection of finishing materials and colors allow you to almost completely customize the convertible for yourself. The salon is distinguished not only by a stylish design, but also by the convenience of the driver's landing and the richness of driver's settings.seat and steering wheel for comfortable handling even on long journeys. Particularly noteworthy is the new monitor in the center dashboard, which is responsible for multimedia control, as well as for the navigation system.

Maintaining the basic weight and dimensions of the model at a constant level made it possible to use a standard suspension and a set of power units on it. Therefore, in terms of the rest of the technical filling, the DS3 Cabrio is generally similar to the hatchback.

The convertible is available with three petrol engines: 1.2 l / 82 hp, 1.6l / 120 hp and 1.6 l / 156 hp, which are paired with 5 and 6-speed manual transmissions. And one 1.6-liter diesel engine with 92 hp.

The DS3 Cabrio competes in its segment with the likes of the Fiat 500C, Mini Convertible and Opel Adam Cabrio.

In August 2014, the public debut of the updated version of the Citroen DS3 hatchback took place at a motor show in Moscow. Global changes did not happen, but the specific improvements made took Citroen DS3 to an even higher level, especially in terms of design.

All changes have comeand the front of the car, behind, practically nothing has changed. The main feature of the restyled cars is new combined headlights with xenon lenses and three LED "guns". Such headlights consume 35% less energy in low beam mode and 75% less in high beam mode, they work longer - up to 20 thousand hours. It is noteworthy that the new headlights are available only in top-end equipment versions. In addition, Citroen DS3 received new LED "running" direction indicators, as well as stylish LED rear lights with 3D-edesign and integrated chrome DS logo.

The length of the Citroen DS3 hatchback is 3948 mm, of which 2464 mm falls on the wheelbase, and 824 and 660 mm, respectively, to the front and rear overhangs. The width of the hatchback is 1715 mm, and the height is limited to 1458 mm. Ground clearance (clearance) Citroen DS3 - 130 mm. The curb weight of the car varies from 1075 to 1165 kg, depending on the type of equipment.

Salon Citroen DS3 is designed for five passengers, taking into account the driver and cannot boast of an abundance of free space. The interior continues dDynamic exterior touches, offering neat lines and a wide range of finishes to personalize your vehicle. Whereas previously it was only possible to choose a roof design, now buyers of the DS3 model can also consider decals for the rear window and engraving on the front panel.

The price of the basic CHIC configuration includes ABS and ESP, front and side airbags, electric and heated mirrors, air conditioning, cruise control, leather steering wheel and alloy wheels. The top-end configuration is distinguished by the presencecenter armrest, heated front seats, climate control, light and rain sensors, and a two-tone exterior.

The technical component for the Russian market has remained the same. The car is offered with a choice of a 1.6-liter petrol engine producing 120 horsepower or with a 150-horsepower THP turbo engine of the same volume. As for the engine range for Europe, it has a new 1.6-liter turbodiesel in two boost options - 100 or 120 hp, respectively. The motor complies with the EU standardso-6. The basic version for the European market with a gasoline 1.2-liter engine has been replaced by a robotic box.

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