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Used Audi A2 Cars for sale in Australia, Second Hand

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Audi A2 cars for sale. This listings include Audi A2 cars from the Australia. Use this search form to find the vehicle that you need. Audi well known by the A2 model. All Audi models you can see here.

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AUDI A2 is a compact car with a transverse engine and front wheel drive.

The prototype of the Audi A2, the Al2, was first presented in Frankfurt in the fall of 1997. A little more than two years passed between the show of the concept car and the start of series production (early 2000) of the A2. The car made a splash with its size, attractive appearance and high price for a car of this class.

So Audi has a new family of passenger cars of the European size class B. Moreover, in the manufacture of pThe aluminum body of the A2 uses ASF's proprietary technology, just like the A8 luxury model. Let us remind you that using this technology, the supporting body frame is made of welded aluminum profiles and hinged aluminum panels. The body of the A2 model, like that of the A8, the flagship model of Audi, is designed with the widest use of aluminum alloys, which made it possible to reduce the total weight of the car to a record figure in its class - 895 kg (in a steel version, the car would weigh 40% more).

The A2 model has excellent aerodynamics, despite thejuice body. The fact is that when designing this car, the latest methods of computer development were used with might and main, which made it possible, with a high center of gravity and some external angularity, to achieve an impressively low level of drag.

Of course, the Audi A2 did not become a "pioneer" in the subcompact class - the first was the Mercedes A-class. But the alternative from Audi looks much more elegant. Audi A2 is really pleasing to the eye and has brought a lot of new design to the cars of the subcompact class. The quality of the car can be felt, aboutthen opening the door. Due to the fact that it is made of aluminum, it is unusually light and closes truly in German - tight and quiet.

The development team was faced with the task of creating the most comfortable car with the minimum specified dimensions, with high fuel efficiency. With dimensions (length 3820 mm, width 1670 mm and height 1550 mm), the car has a spacious interior and consumes only 2.9 or 4.2 liters of diesel fuel, depending on the selected engine type.

The car interior is designed taking into account the provision offor comfortable conditions for passengers sitting in front, but also behind passengers, and in order to increase the legroom of passengers, the rear sofa is lowered by 15 cm relative to the front seats. In the cabin, the driver and passengers do not feel at all that they are in a small car - thanks to the high roof and finishing materials, the cabin looks very spacious and does not cause bouts of claustrophobia. The "soft" plastic of the front panel is reminiscent of the luxurious Audi A8, and you are unlikely to have such a number of cup holders and containers for small things.and you will find it in any car of this class. Large windows make the visibility in the A2 simply amazing, giving the cabin even more lightness and spaciousness. A fairly large trunk volume (350 liters) due to the folded rear seat can be increased to a cubic meter.

The standard equipment of the car includes ABS, electronic brake force distribution EBD, electronic stabilization system ESP, airbags for the driver and passenger, side airbags and much more, previously offered only in business class cars.

For uthe goodness of buyers and in confirmation of the high reliability of the car for the Audi A2 with a 1.4-liter petrol engine, the service interval has been increased to 2 years or 30 thousand km, and for a diesel engine - to 50 thousand km.

But as soon as you start driving this car, you immediately feel that the Audi A2 still belongs to the class of small family cars. The engine sounds very intrusive in the cabin, even at idle speed. In motion, the gasoline engine still becomes quieter, but the diesel clearly rattles regardless of the speed of the vehicle.car. At the same time, VW Polo, which has the same engines, is still quieter, and the sound of the engine on it is more "pure". However, on later A2s this problem was solved and the engine in them "sings" as nobly as on large Audi.

True, on the move A2, it is still far from even A3. If the car is equipped with beautiful large wheels supplied to order, then at low speeds it is noticeably thrown from side to side. On standard wheels, this problem disappears, but at high speed there is clearly not enough suspension travel, which makes the car jerk. In povoThe A2 has a noticeable roll, but the very responsive handling makes the car very easy to control. Electronic ABS helps keep it in corners or on slippery surfaces. The engine, despite the small volume, quite actively accelerates this baby, because aluminum made the car body very light.

Small flaws, the main of which is the high price, are unlikely to spoil the impression of this mini.

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