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Ford Freestyle Cars For Sale In Australia

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Ford Freestyle cars for sale. This listings include Ford Freestyle Cars from the Australia. Use this search form to find the vehicle that you need. Ford well known by the Freestyle model. All Ford models you can see here. ford for sale in Australia

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Initially, Ford planned to name its creation CrossTrainer, but at the last moment decided to award the car with a more neutral name - Freestyle. The debut took place in 2005. The model combines the features of an SUV and a station wagon: a long hood, a high waistline, an aggressive grille design, a 2-tier roof, large rear-view mirrors and door handles. The cabin has three rows of seats. Freestyle was delivered in two versions - with six or seven passenger seats. In the second row of seats, there could be either a 3-seater sofa with a backst, folding in a ratio of 60:40, or two separate chairs. Thanks to the high body above the passengers' heads, there is a solid reserve of space. As the Freestyle is primarily a family car, the cabin has plenty of storage space, including a storage compartment above the center console and an optional storage compartment above the front seats where you can store sunglasses or garage keys. In the basic version, the interior is decorated with carbon fiber, and in the more expensive version, it is covered with leather. The center console is finished in wood.the volume of the cargo area is 0.50 m³. The maximum volume of cargo with folded seats of the second and third rows is 2.41 m³.

The first Ford Freestyle was offered in three trims: SE, SEL and Limited. In the SE package, the manufacturer included air conditioning, a CD player, separate second-row seats (in this configuration, the salon is six-seater), an electric driver's seat adjustment, full power accessories and ABS. The SEL list includes an integrated CD changer, automatic headlights, heated mirrors, 17-inch alloy wheels and an on-board computer.R. The Limited was equipped with 18-inch wheels, leather seats of the first and second rows, automatic climate control in two zones, an electric front passenger seat adjustment and driver's memory, as well as heated front seats and the ability to fold the third row in a 5/5 ratio.

Side airbags for the first row and curtain airbags for all three rows were offered as options. Options also include: auto-adjustable pedals, rear parking sensors, DVD, panoramic roof, Sirius satellite radio and navigation system(for 2006-2007 model years). No SE trim was offered for the last year of the Freestyle.

The basic version - with front-wheel drive, for a surcharge, an all-wheel drive automatically connected by electronics (Intelligent 4WD system) was offered. Under the hood is a powerful 3.0-liter 6-cylinder Duratec engine with 203 hp. and a torque of 281 Nm. The torque from the engine to the wheels is transmitted through a continuously variable variator (CVT), developed in cooperation with the German company ZF. Unlike a conventional automatic transmission, the CVT is notIt shifts gear ratios in jumps and continuously adjusts them for optimal performance and fuel economy. The fully independent suspension allows the Freestyle to drive smoothly and confidently around corners.

All-wheel disc brakes, front and side airbags and an optional rollover protection system guard the safety of passengers. The list of options includes parking sensors. Since 2007, all Freestyle vehicles have been fitted with a Safety Canopy system (six PB).

The assembly was carried out at the plant in Chkago. In 2008, the model was waiting for a restyling, after which the name of the car was changed to Taurus X.

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