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Ford Scorpio Cars For Sale In Australia

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Ford Scorpio cars for sale. This listings include Ford Scorpio Cars from the Australia. Use this search form to find the vehicle that you need. Ford well known by the Scorpio model. All Ford models you can see here. ford for sale in Australia

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The Scorpio replaced the Granada II in 1985. At the time of its appearance, the car was a rear-wheel drive five-door hatchback and had a higher active and passive safety than its predecessor, the Granada.

The body was an aerodynamically advantageous shape - with emphasized smooth, convex, rounded lines. The Scorpio has 4 doors, plus a rear tailgate, which reaches the rear bumper to facilitate loading and unloading, and to make it wider, the Scorpio has vertical taillights.

In 1986, full-time comes outone modification of Scorpio 4x4.

The Scorpio sedan came out only in 1990, followed by the capacious Scorpio I Turnier station wagon in 1991.

The following range of engines was presented for the car: petrol 4- and 6-cylinder engines with a volume of 1.8 to 2.9 liters (from 90 to 195 hp), as well as a diesel engine with a volume of 2.5 liters (69, 92 and 116 hp). ... It was equipped with both a 5-speed manual and a 4-speed automatic transmission.

It is worth noting the excellent configuration of the Scorpio, the basic equipment of which included the ABS system. Ergonomic driving position, origUnique design and spacious luggage compartment. The salon was quite spacious, the back of the rear seat folded in parts, respectively, the volume of the trunk could be 440 or 833 liters, and with fully folded seats - up to 1350 liters.

In 1994, the model was restyled and the second generation of the Scorpio was born. In originality, it was not nearly inferior, and perhaps even superior to the previous one. The fanciful design with the front oval elongated headlamps did not gain much popularity in Europe. Apparently, this design pokthe consumer was too radical for a car of this class. Scorpio was produced with sedan and station wagon bodies. There were several trim options from simple to luxury Ghia with leather interior. The ergonomics of the driver's seat were still at the highest level: all levers and necessary switches were located next to the steering column, most of them are equipped with convenient lighting.

The steering system, equipped with hydraulic booster and adjustable for depth and height steering wheel, was very easy to manage. Appeared fOntal airbags.

The Scorpio II was equipped with 2.0, 2.3 and 2.9 liter gasoline engines (from 115 to 210 hp), as well as a 2.5 liter diesel engine (115 and 125 hp).

The suspension is independent on all wheels, with the front McPherson type, which provides good comfort and stability. Scorpio brakes are equipped with ATE anti-lock braking system, which reduces braking distances by up to 40% on wet, wet or icy roads. A feature of the brakes is that in the event of a failure of the vacuum brake booster or anti-lock braking system, the frontthe brakes retain their full braking ability.

In 1998, the Scorpio was discontinued.

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